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Several brain lesions

Last year i had seen a neurologist regarding my balance. I have also had episodes of incontinence and also pain of hips and feet which could be that i am keeping my balance by walking on the outside of my feet. He did a mri and the saw 6 lesions and he stated that it looked like either a past stroke or ms and if it was ms that it had been by looking at lesions 5 years in progression. Then did blood tests and spinal tap which were negative. Then changed his diagnosis to just being clumsey and he actually laughed at that comment.
I went off to a different neurologist he looked at the other neuro and sent me to be tested for my balance and they could not believe how off balanced i was. They diagnosed me aftwer having a test of my ears with vestibular dysfunction. And stated it maybe related to ms but just go to physical therapy and off my happy way.
I have have symptoms increase to falls, blurred vision, fatigue and increased hip pain. Went to a physician and he had mri done to see if lesions had changed. They are still there and i am very frusturated and so is he as to why i did not get support and better treatment. He is not sure what they are caused from. But unlike the others he is sending me to Maio Clinic in Rochester. What can i expect? It is very sad that it tiook all of this. Being laughed at. And having the other neurologist feed off of the first one. Can anyone give me a logical answer? I am pretty scared.
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Thank-You for responding!

The MRI  showed lesions which resembled someone with past history of migranes. But i do not have a history of migranes. I have had a few headaches but those have actually been a new symptom rather than having a history of them. The only dx has been vestibular dysfunction which the other neuro said after looking at my initial report from the Dr that laughed at me. I am a Nurse and i am not seeking or am not the kind of person that wants a quick answer. I just want to be normal. I know my body and know when something isn't right. The lesions have not changed they remain on the side....Peridal sides? They are very to me from viewing my MRI very much large enough to distinguish from normal to abnormal.I wish i had a copy with me to tell you exactly but i can only tell you what was said by my physician.

Best regards.

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Hello Dear,
I feel sorry for you.What exactly did the radiological findings diagnose?Please be kind enough to give the complete details of the previous MRI.
Also consult a good neurologist for proper evaluation of the disease.Unless a complete examination and investigations are done we cannot diagnose the disease.

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