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Sinus Problems or Brain Tumor

Hello! Last December 31, 2015 I started developing signs of flu like a low grade fever, post nasal drip, a bit of colds, tired and heavy eyes, slight dizziness and extreme fatigue. I decided to go on a water therapy for the next 4 days and didn't take any OTC Meds.

On my 7th day, the fever was still there(on and off), fatigue is still present but another symptom came up. I started having this dull pressure in my face(heavy head), usually in my forehead. I feel kind of relieved whenever I apply pressure on it though. It's not the painful type that would hinder me from doing daily routines. With this, i decided to go to a General physician. He asked me to have a blood test and urine test, results came back with normal findings. He told me to take Naproxen for the next 7 days.

I took it for the first 2 days eventually, I really don't like its side effects as it upsets my stomach. Somehow, the fever eventually went away my average temperature would fall at 36.6 Celsius. Though there are times specially in the morning wherein I feel hot, though I'm not sure if it's fever or its because of the environment temperature(a bit cold in the morning).

Browsing the internet got me scared though as results would say either sinusitis or brain tumor. Makes me a bit anxious actually. With pressure in my forehead, pressure behind my eyes(tired eyes) still on going, I decided to pay an ENT Doctor a visit. He asked me a few questions though:

1. Do I have nasal congestion?
A: Not that much. Sometimes, one side of my nose can't breath in much air. It rarely happens that both of my nostrils gets clogged.

2. Runny Nose?
A: No. Unless my allergies attack.

The moment I said allergies, he asked me if I'm taking any medications. I said no.
Just a quick view of my allergies, when I was young, i was diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis. So I get allergy attacks such as congestion, runny nose and even fever.

The Doctor asked me as well if there's a discoloration in my post nasal drip or mucus coming out of the nose. i said it comes out clear— though there are times in the morning wherein my post nasal drip is accompanied by a yellowish color.

So he thought I might be suffering from sinusitis due to allergy. He advised advised me to use a nasal spray(Avamys) which gave me a heavy head feeling for the first 2 days of using it. Eventually in my 4th day, I started feeling better. I'm coming back for a second check up next week. I no longer feel sick and fatigue is almost gone. I actually started to play volleyball again though I get tired easily.

By the way, another thing I notice is that the back of my neck feels weird like I want to crack it from time to time. Though whenever I attempt to crack it, it do pop!

I'm just worried if the diagnosis is indeed right. I'm really scared of what I find in the internet with all those brain tumor thing. What are your insights guys? I don't have any speech problems, memory problems but I do zone out from time to time, probably due to the stress of thinking too much about it.
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I'm heading to an ophtamologist today to get my eye check, just to make sure that it's not the eye that is causing the problem.
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