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Small fiber, large fiber sensory neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy

I have been experiencing waxing and waning large fiber sensory nerve damage resulting in prolonged latencies in nearly all sensory nerves. I have also had many symptoms of autonomic dysfunction including orthostatic dizziness, vagus nerve malfunction, and abnormal heart beats (tacchycardia), and mucus in my lungs in the morning. Based on my symptoms and a prolonged latency in a motor nerve, I believe my motor nerves are also affected.
What could cause small fiber and large fiber neuropathy in sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves?
and how concerned should I be about the symptoms relating to my heart?
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before all of these symptoms began, my blood pressure has always a consistent 120/80, with no fluctuations up or down.
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In addition to my previous post-
(the prolonged latency is in my tibial motor nerve- the others in bilateral median and bilateral ulnar, L5, S1 lumbosacral radiculopathy, and meralgia paresthetica)

I went to my GP on thursday because I was experiencing bouts of dizziness upon standing several times in the morning- when I went, it turned out that my blood pressure was a bit high- my GP gave me a blood pressure monitor and my bp has fluctuated in less than 24 hours each time it was taken at rest with no previous excertion (besides walking from one spot to another) with numbers of:

166/89 pulse 73 at 5:30pm
157/94 pulse 83 at bedtime 10:30
139/76 pulse 70 upon waking at 7:30 (while still lying in bed)
114/60 pulse 72 at 10am
157/107 pulse 80 at 2:00pm

these seem like dramatic fluctuations especially in my diastolic going from 60-107 in just a few hours.

I would appreciate any insight regarding this in relation to my other symptoms. My GP and neurologist are perplexed and waiting to see a specialist is 3 months away.
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