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Spinal Tap Hell

I had 3 lumbar spinal taps over 4 months ago now with no less pain from resulting severe sciatic nerve pain and severe back pain as a result of these injections.  Since I had a 102 fever, painful breathing and severe headache with no explanation of why the fever they wanted to do the lumbar taps.  Aside from the fact the doctor would not even give me a light sedation, they were giving me the one pain medication that has minimal if any effect on me that has been found since I flew through the windshield at age 17, and I was open to any other pain control narcotic or not as long as it was not something that caused severe gastrointestinal reactions and the pain medication I was given 2 times the almost 12 hours, morphine, the second time it was like they gave me nothing, the first it lessoned pain to about a 7 out of 10 for about 1 hours while I was in ER despite kind requests for anything different until I came back from flouroscopic 3rd try for spinal fluid and finally exploded in tears from hours of tormenting pain.  I begged for what they gave me when I have intractable migraines 1 or 2 times a year and Iv'e gone to the same hospital since it's nearby.  they finally gave me after all the hell everythig but the pain killer which I could care less as long as the rest worked.....thank god it did!! and I did not look nor act like any kind of drug addict, I did not ask for narcotics I was willing to take what they gave me as long as it did not cause adverse reactions!!   On the first blind attempt to the spinal tap without x-ray guidance despite my informing the doctor and nurse I had crushed vertebrae from an old vehicle accident when I was 17 in my lumbar area affecting my l3 through l5 I knew for sure the very uncompassionate and unkind ER doctor that flat out told me no sedation whatsoever would be given for a very scary spinal tap procedure and allowed me to suffer and shake in sever pain from my head with sky high blood pressure she kept hitting what I assumed was my sciatic nerve 4-5 times that was causing pain down my right butt before she finally pulled the needle out to try again.  I was not going to let her but I decided with my husband it was not worth possibly dying if I did have meningitis so I allowed her again to poke blindly before she decided I was dry and I had to much scar tissue and sent me to flouroscopy.  I was sent still in extreme head pain and breathing and while the radiologist was aggravating nerves down my left leg and cause my foot to go numb and cause pain I have no resulting pain on the left side.  However I have had nothing but the most horrid pain down my right butt and back that is even tender to the touch and causes pain to be worse if even light pressure.  Shooting pain down my right leg to my foot  or  down the back of my right thigh and the  pain has been attrocious with no end in sight.  If it were not for the fact I tore my right shoulder at work and am awaiting surgery to fix that there is absolutely no way I would be able to perform my duties as a letter carrier.  I recently had an MRI which showed no stenosis or anything allegedly pressing on the nerve from just the report to my pain management doctor, I recently had an epidural that helped with the actual back pain but seems to if aggravated the actual nerve worse.  It almost feels like the nerve is caught up and pinched in something and is so severe.  I am having to pay for this on my own and I did nothing to do this to myself, I was kept in such severe pain I was in no shape to make a coherent decision and the doctor was in a rush to get to perform the unsuccessful procedure attempts she tried.  I was kept in the hospital overnight and given high doses of antibiotics and was fine from the previous nights mysterious problems, no more fever, breathing or headache after they gave me a steroid that starts with a d, zofran and benedryl like they usualy do for my migrain except they usually add a good dose of pain med but had some lame excuse to let me suffer more, luckily the non narcotic helped way better than the morphine and I was so, so happy! but I was sent home in agony of pain from lumbar punctures over the weekend with no extra help of any kind and was told to follow up with primary care or pain managent doc that just sees me normally for the work related injury ONLY!  they could of called him! Since then had resulting ER visits, and mounting costs and I fear losing wages, especially since this epidural I asked for to help and have to pay for caused the nerve to be MORE irritated!  but less actual back pain worse nerve pain. Was this nerve severely damaged, lesioned with the spinal tap needle or punctured because it is no better or like the pain management doctors office said they are not specialists and may have to refer me out because obviously something is pressing on the sciatic after the taps.  I have had pain down back of thigh to bottom of foot, also slightly curving around front below knee to top of foot.  I have tried all conservative treatments the only thing that touches to help the pain is gabepentin, dialaudid, diazapam and I don't want to live this way.  Will this get better and would a neurosurgeon be better than an ortho surgeon?
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