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Swollen optic nerves and tremors

I have had swollen optic nerves now for about a year when i look at the computer screen and the look up i see a halo but i am blind in the middle of my eye when i lay down i get tremors but only I can feel them I tryed to get my boyfriend to grab my arm and see if he can feel it and he cant I get headaches all the time I dont know what to do I am getting more frusturated everyday can someone help me please!!!!!
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You may have papilledema - swelling of the optic disc - the head of the optic nerve of the eyes caused by increased intracranial pressure.

Papilledema may be asymptomatic (no symptoms) or present with headache in the early stages. It may progress to enlargement of the blind spot, blurring of vision, visual obscurations (inability to see in a particular part of the visual field for a period of time) and ultimately total loss of vision may occur.  

The most often cited causes of papilledema include:

Metastatic intracranial tumour
Aquaductal stenosis
Pseudotumour cerebri (often in young, overweight females)
Subdural haematoma
Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Arteriovenous malformations
Brain abscess (often with high fevers)
Meningitis (with fever, stiff neck, headache)
Encephalitis (often with mental status changes)
Sagittal sinus thrombosis

An ophthalmologist (specializes in diagnosing and treating eye disorders) uses an ophthalmoscope to diagnose papilledema. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) can help determine the cause and monitor the effect of treatment.

A spinal tap is often done to measure the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). A sample of the CSF may be examined for evidence of a brain tumour or infection. An ultrasound of the eye can be done to distinguish between papilledema and other disorders that cause apparent swelling of the optic nerve.
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Hi Emma. things do seem to be in a bit of a mess for you.
Can you tell me how you know you have swollen optic discs?
Who diagnosed this? And did any one do follow up tests to see why you have them?
This can be a very serious matter as you can lose your eye sight if it is not treated quickly and properly.
From what you have described so far, symptom wise it could be IIH,  Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension or by its older name, PTC,Pseudo Tumor Cerebri.
You need to see a Ophthalmologist and a Neurologist immediately.

I have IIH and if you need any help with it  feel free to contact me,ok?   Cath278
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