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Hello, I am a 31 year old female & I am pretty much at my wits end, I had a car accident about 10-12 years ago & had severe whiplash to the extent where I couldn't walk for about 2 weeks, I had head injury and leg injury. Over the years I have been getting bad heads, aching all over & sometimes shooting pain up my back which would lead to me having to be pretty much picked up off the floor.
About 2 years ago I started to get headaches every single day, eye pain mainly right eye, this one night I was out with friends & a really funny feeling came over me it was like a creeping sensation across the right hand side of my face & tingling (pins & needles) down my right arm, my friends still remember me now saying I think I’m having a stroke. This started to happen quite regularly.
I went to the doctor & she said I had migraine, well I said I’ve never had migraine like that in my life but I was put on Amitriptyline & just to be on the safe side transferred me to a neurologist.
Over the past few years I have been suffering from the following symptoms:
• Sharp electrical type pain down the top of my back sometime affecting my legs.
• Grating & cracking in the back of my neck from the base of my skull where it  dull aches
• Numbness in face & arms especially right side.
• Freezing feet & hands to the point where I can hardly feel them even though I’m warm myself
• Headaches every single day with shooting jabbing pain in eyes (feels like I have grit in them) especially my right.
• Feeling of heartburn in my back but not! Weird feeling.  Just below my shoulder blades.
• Real aching backache
• Weakness in arms & legs
• Have days where I just ache all over
• 3-4 Day bout of soreness under my left arm with no redness or rash at all, just really tender.

My neurologist sent me for an MRI scan & says they have found fluid on my spinal cord which he is not going to record as I need to get myself health insurance but if  my legs go or motions then I need to demand another MRI,  he then wrote to my doctor saying that it is most definitely migraine, but I honestly think something else is wrong, it really is getting me down I can’t think of anything else cause I always feel ill, I feel that people just look at me like I’m a hypochondriac because there is always so much wrong with me & this week has just topped it off.

Looking back now I have been soooooo embarrassed with everything that I feel is wrong with me I probably have not been honest enough with Doctors.

I was on 50mg of Amitriptyline & I was still getting eye pain, my back went into back spasm about 2 weeks ago & I went the docs & a sports doctor sorted it out for the time being , it’s happened twice now.  I asked if I could up the dosage of the Amitriptyline but he refused & I understand what he’s saying I’m pretty much a walking zombie they make me feel brain numb like I’ve had an anesthetic or something.

I came off the tablets a week ago as I was going away on holiday & wanted to feel awake for it & even though my headaches came on 2 fold I feel it was the best thing I could have done as I had more energy, but the last 3-4 days I’ve felt sick, dizzy, strange feeling, & really bad headaches again 2am this morning I’ve been up since.

I’ve booked myself in at the docs again for Friday but just know they will make me feel like I’m nuts.
I just want to feel normal again I can’t carry on like this I don’t know what else to do.
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I was DX with a Syrinx two years ago and I can relate to most if not all your symptoms.
I agree with selmaS, a Neurosurgeon who deals with Chiari Malformation is the best Dr to see about this, a Syrinx formation is often linked to CSF obstruction as seen in CM. A CINI MRI is useful at identifying any CSF obstruction.

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Hi,You are not hypochondriac.All your symptoms you are describing,are symptoms of demyelination and calcification of pineal and pituitary glands.Please get a copy (disc)of your brain MRI scan and post it.Also get a hair analysis for calcium  ,magnesium,manganese and lead.
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Hi I invite u to join our chiari /Syringomyelia forum to speak with others with similar issues.


The best drs to see for a syrinx is a chiari dr as they treat both.Most drs feel a syrinx can not cause the symptoms u feel, but can never give a reason y u do feel the way u do......when it is obvious.

Hope to see u in the forum

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