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I'm a 22yr old female single mother I was recently diagnosed with syrin x on my C6 they said is small.

I have a Neurosurgeon apt may 29 dr Thomas Wilson
Symptoms are :
Head pressure
Head pain
Neck pain
Back pain
Pain in hips
Difficulty walking at times
Loss of coordination at times
Hard to think
Dripping water out of nose
Vision problems
Numbness in hands, feet,arms, legs, tongue at times throughout the day
No energy
Trouble sleeping
No appetite
Cannot Feel when need to pee (and only peeing 1-2times a day)
Loud noises or being around too many people bother me
Lights bother me
Ringing ears at times
Hard to concentrate -focus
Trouble talking at times
Chest numbness
Temperature hot/cold

Questions :
1.) what are my options
2.) is this fixable
3.) Any life threatening things
4.) what can I do to help myself
5.) on MRI was whole head scanned
6.) is this a disability
7.) what should I not be doing
8.) what am i allowed to do
9.) the running nose is clear should I be concerned with CSF and is it something I should be concerned about ?
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I just got my report today it is small on my c6 and I also have a possible benign  spinal hemangioma on my T7 . No injury that I know of or can remember . And what you mean a bullseye test how is that done ? I'm not sure if I have the chiari or not yet I haven't been diagnosed with anything further I'll find more out on the 29th. Another concern is with my chest going numb and throat is this okay like I'm no going to stop breathing because of it ?!im just panicking I guess and impatient while I wait on this dr visit . This is scarier than my pregnancy was!!!
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Hey, did you figure out if your symptoms are caused by syrinx?  I small syrinx exactly at C6 level and small hemangioma at T10. Our cases are exactly the same if not for all symptoms. I have dizziness as my main symptom and other symptoms you mentioned. Please let me know what happened in last two years and after meeting with NS. Thank you.
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  Hi...do u have a copy of ur MRI and the report? Do u know if u also have Chiari Malformation?  Chiari is a related condition with a syrinx or Syringomyelia....the name of the condition when one has a syrinx.

U can do a bullseye test to see if the fluid is CSF....

Did u ever have an injury to ur neck?

U may want to join the Chiari forum here on MedHelp as many of the members there also have a syrinx and can share their experience with u.

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