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Taste and Sensation lost on Right side of Tongue/ Mouth

Okay, so about 3 years ago I started to get back pain, in the lower lumbar region. When it first started the pain seemed to come when I stood up for about 20 minutes. I would describe this pain as a sharp muscle spasm, or like my back locked up. I could only get the pain to stop when I would sit down because I could relax my back. This went on for two years. Last year my back pain started to be more frequent and less from standing up. I then started to shoot pain down my legs. I tried a Chiropractor, Physical Therapy (traction and dry needling) which only made it worse. My first lumbar MRI showed 3 bulging discs. Within the last three months I have had loss of sensation and pins and needles pain that will shoot down my arms and legs. The pain in my back is pretty much constant and radiates everywhere. I had an episode 2 months ago where I got very dizzy and was seeing spots, one pupil got very dilated, and I had right sided arm and face numbness. I went to the ER and my MRI of my cervical spine showed 3 bulging discs. And they said the numbness could have been from a Migraine. I have not had any migraines and only the occasional headache. Since that episode I have had at least 12 different occasions where my face goes numb and the pins and needles in my arms and legs continues. Last week my water tasted weird when I was drinking, so I kept trying different cups. I have since figured out that on my Right side of my mouth I cannot taste food normally, some foods I can't taste at all. And if I get a little taste, it is very off. So, for the last week I can only taste my food right by eating in the left corner of my mouth. Then, I just repeated my lumbar MRI 4 days ago, and I still have the 3 bulging discs, but now they see arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I am honestly lost and have no clue what is going on, but I would love to know and not be freaking out when my body goes numb. I am only 24 years old and am lost.
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