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There's no way a pinched nerve could cause this?

I have been suffering for the past month with a variety of neurological symptoms. Prior to the onset of these symptoms I was generally healthy, I had a weird bells palsy onset during December and then a pneumonia in February. But other than that nothing like this. I played in a softball game on may 11th, during this game I got extremely dizzy and needed to sit down. On the ride home I had a shooting pain run up the right side of my neck into face. I was concerned that I was developing bells palsy again, just with the way that my face felt. When I woke up the next day (saturday) I was in tremendous pain on the right side of my head, it felt like the worst headache i have ever had, my vision was blurry, I was dizzy and couldn't catch my balance, it felt like i had immense pressure in the right side of head/Face region and I just felt weak. These symptoms persisted through the weekend, I scheduled an appointment with my PCP that Monday who thought I was suffering from allergies or Eustachian tube dysfunction, I saw and ENT twice that week who told me it was not ETD and that it was probably a sinus infection. I was given a medrol steroid pack and antibiotics. When I began the steroids I started having weird hearing issues, my hearing in my left ear kept going in and out, basically like my ear would not pop. The steroids seemed to take the edge off the headache and dizziness I was experiencing but  not by much. Following the end of the steroid cycle, and me not feeling any better, I scheduled another appointment with the ENT who then told me he didn't know what was wrong with me. I scheduled another appointment with my PCP to follow up, but the day before the appointment (monday of the following week) I woke up with extreme weakness on the right side of my body. I could barely lift my right leg or arm, the headache was back full force, and I had burning sensations running up my neck through my scalp. My PCP told me I "slept weird" an that it would go away. It did not, it got progressively worse, and ended up spreading to my left side. I saw a chiropractor who did some kinesiology tests and determined that something was preventing the nerves from sending signals to the right side of my body, his thoughts were tights muscles etc. I went to him for about a week an half and slowly gained strength back on my right side, but then I started to develop loss of sensation in the lower parts of my legs directly on my shins. This combined with a constant headache 24/. My hands now shake when I try to write, I'm weak and can barely walk up stairs, my legs constantly feel like they are going to cramp up when I start to move. I saw a neurologist last week who basically dismissed all of my symptoms and told me i probably have a "migraine". I have not suffered from light sensitivity or sound, or have been nauseous, minus when i was suffering from vertigo the first week. I am really losing my mind with all of this, something is putting pressure on the nerves in my head, I feel pressure, burning pain, and stabbing in my temples, up my scalp, across my face every day. The neurologist prescribed me another round of steroids, 50 mg of prednisone for 5 days. I currently can not hear from my left ear now and the nerve pain has started to travel to the left side of my head/ face. Which started as soon as i began to take the steroids. I am only 22, I really don't know what else to do, no one is listening to me or seems to care that I can't function like this.
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I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation type 1, and I just had my decompression surgery done two weeks ago.
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Check out info on auto immune inner ear disease. Treatable caught early. Hard to diagnose though. This can affect the whole body. .just a thought to check into. Hope you get some answers.
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Also temporal arteritis..
I was checked for GCA, and given rounds of steroids just in case. The steroids didn’t do much except make me feel irritaional. I’ve been looking into misalignments in the upper vertebrae and it potentially looks like that could be the culprit
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Hi...just wondering if you had any MRI's done?
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I’m actually getting one done tomorrow on my head
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