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Twitching of left ear/neck?

Hi all, I am a 25yo male.
First of all about 10 years ago i started experiencing some weird symptoms in my body. I noticed a twitch in my left ear, whenever lying on my left side and applying pressure to it.
Over the years i learnt to ignore this twitch as it just seems like a mild annoyance and I could avoid it by adjusting my sleeping position. However, in recent years this twitch has started to become more pronounced and occurs in more positions.
It becomes worse when i apply pressure to the left side of my face or neck, and there is always a sense of pressure/tightness from the left ear all the way down to the left side of neck. It feels like this pressure is activating some reflex causes the ear to twitch.
This feeling is also accompanied by red/sore left ear once in awhile. Also, when I get up from bed or bend my head down, I sometimes can hear my pulse "swishing", in the left ear only.
In the past few days this has been affecting my sleep and i decided to seek answers. It is especially annoying because i can hear the twitching as it happens. I am afraid if it could be caused by any neurological disorder or even a tumour?
To add on, the left ear also seems to get "blocked" more frequently than my right ear, but i have not noticed any hearing loss from the ear.
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Not to worry you but i would talk to your PCP and get referral to neurologist. I had this happen out of nowhere, my left ear felt full and felt like it was draining, my head behind my ear , neck below ear, and left cheek would always tighten and spasm consistently. Was referred to ENT and was missdiagnosed with TMJ/ Tinnitus. I finally got into a neurologist  after 7.5 months of living like this sleep trouble, vertigo, and above mentioned issues....i am 35 yrs old and have had a thyroidectomy due to cancer and thought it was pinching a nerve. Once healed problem persists. While being tested for Aneurysm in my head and neck, they tested spinal fluid for Fabry disease and sure enough that test was negative but they did find out it is MS.i hope this helps and not panics you but this is the long process i hope you can avoid. Positive vibes and good luck to you!
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I can't answer everything, but the swishing sound might be pulsatile tinnitus. A friend of mine has that, and I've seen others with it here.



The pressure and twitch might be related - https://www.healthline.com/health/eardrum-spasm

It could be something more serious, so you definitely want to get it checked, but tinnitus is probably more annoying than a tumor, though decidedly less serious.

Let us know what happens!
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Just bumping this post in case anyone has any clue? Thanks!
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