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Ultrasound Showed Something...

Blessings everyone.  I'm a Surrogate and at our recent ultrasound the Dr. said they see a slightly additional amount of fluid on the baby's brain and a borderline banana shape cerebellum.  They had no explanation because after extensive scanning the baby's spine looked perfect.  They have my Intended Parents a bit freaked out without even giving us a diagnosis or what those things mean for the baby exactly.  Could this be an error of some kind?

Thank you for your help...Tanya
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Fluid on the brain is what's known as hydrocephalus.  Sometimes it absorbs on it's own, sometimes not. It has to be monitored closely though, so I hope that they are planning a repeat u/s soon.  It's doubtful that it's an error on the u/s, they only see what is there.   Hydrocephalus can lead to multiple issues for the infant.  I hope your folate levels are good, and if they have not been checked, do so.  Pregnant moms without enough in their diet (dark green leafy vegetables) can lead to spina bifida in the fetus.  Good luck Tanya!
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Sorry...did not mean to check that response as the best answer...any way to undo it?  No offense but the diagnosis wasn't hydrocephalus.  I was thinking it would be that as well...but a more informed Dr. told us today that it's called dandy-walker.

Absolutely no issues with spine...that was never a concern as posted in the original question.

What they saw typically goes away at week 18 but was still present at 19.  Dr. recommended another ultrasound at week 22 or 24 and to also have an amniocentesis.

Hope and pray I'm able to make it that far...I'm a Surrogate and my Intended Parents are demanding that I terminate.  Even after being told to their faces that the baby could be completely healthy and that we should do further testing.  :(

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That's sad news.  However, given that they will be raising the baby, I'm sure they don't want to take any chances.  I know you said that the spine was normal, I was simply inserting that as a result of poor folate intake in pregnancy.  As far as "the best answer"...I don't give a flying fig about that and don't pay any attention to it at all.  It truly doesn't matter regardless, since I was the only responder to your query.  Also I wasn't intending to diagnose the fetus, only stating what fluid on the brain is called, and then elaborating on it.  Only MD's and their assistants (PA's, NP's), and DO's can diagnose.  I'm only an RN, and therefore cannot do that.  Good luck with the pregnancy and the parents, if you can convince them to allow it to continue.  
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