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Unexplained symptom!!!??

Hi All,

To give a background to all my healthy anxiety has been out of control for the last several months. I woke up one day with a little neck and shoulder pain and at times my hand would go numb when sleeping, which was postural and it changed when I slept in a better manner.
I unfortunately started googling and at time the net through up MS-started reading it's early signs and there came up lhermitte..I started flexing my neck on my own.normal neck movements I felt nothing but when I flexed my neck really fast a couple of times (back and forth) I felt a little buzz in my arm...that scared the daylights out of me and instead of doing normal neck movements I continued to move my neck in a very fast manner which ended up making my neck very soar.so I did realise that what I had experienced was normal but my mind wasn't at rest. I then every now and then over the last 3 months or so have have kept moving my neck in fast movements to check what is happening despite being checked by an ortho who said no signs of any weakness in my arms etc and I shouldn't worry.

Cut to the present, continuing with my neck movements I felt a buzz in my groin area when head bent forward... sometimes once a day,sometimes 3-4times and somedays none.it felt postural though otherwise also without bending I feel vibrations there-on & off .and every single time that I bend my neck I don't feel this.nowhere else on body,it's not painful etc.and since this I haven't had the mind bandwidth to check my arms, I also haven't felt anything the day I stopped checking with strong manoveurs.

jUst to add my neck largely remains a little stiff when bent backwards and now I can also hear cracking sounds when I move my neck sideways. The groin buzz, could that be neck related and could I have caused some damage to my own cervical spine?
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If not doing this stuff with your neck, which sounds a bit dangerous, don't do it and your problem is solved.  The neck is obviously connected to nerves that run all up and down your body, so yeah, it you have neck problems you often have problems elsewhere, but you know, if you're fine if you don't do this, don't do this.  
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