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**Vertigo and other symptoms need help**

Went from Urgent Care > ER > ENT > Neurologist. Dealing with vertigo for about a month now. But when I have my attacks now I get these symptoms:

Feet sinking in floor 
Chest heavy more so right side 
Feels like ring around head 
Jaw is weak 
Frequent urination 
Head pressure 
Little shocks back/neck 
Chest sore 
Sour taste in mouth 

I am thinking when my back and neck hurt is when I feel the most dizzy. My urine, blood, CT of Neck/Brain, Xrays of back, MRI of neck/brain have all came back good.But I know this isnt normal. Any help would be appreciated. 

The only thing I havent done is MRI of my back.
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I had debilitating periods of vertigo several years ago.  I also had fullness in my ear and distorted hearing at times too.  I was very worried and had great anxiety.  For  me, when the dizziness would hit, I was out.  Could do nothing!  I also get very nauseated from the dizziness and basically would have to lay still until it passed which might be 24 to 48 hours!  I'm a mom and at the time had young kids, so this was not acceptable!!  I have a very good primary care doctor though who got me into a great ENT. I had eustachian  tube (in your ear) dysfunction.  Things that help me are reverse ear pops (hold nose and blow and ear will pop, do it several times). Also an antihistamine like Clariton. Pseudophed can help.  Chewing gum. When my ear gets that full feeling or I get tinnitus, I do these things and stave off a bout of vertigo which usually comes next.  

Much vertigo is indeed inner ear related. There is also a nerve back in that direction that can get out of whack. Cervical vertigo is due to a pinched nerve.  You can also have an issue with the vagus nerve.  

Any of this sound familiar?  

I have held off issues for several years now.  I had one 2 day bout about 5 years ago as most recent but in general did overcome the problem.  So, I hope you can too!
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I have had very similar issues for the last year now and haven't been able to figure it out. Any luck finding an answer?
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These articles provide sample diagnostic approaches for dizziness:
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