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Weird cobweb like sensation on left side of face from eye to nose

I have had a weird sensation on the left side of my face for a couple months. Its not tingling or numbness..but like a cobweb is on my the left side from my eye to under my nose. My jaw isnt affected. There are no changes in sight smell taste or walking or doing daily things. Its just plain annoying. I have had blood tests but it shows nothing is wrong. My doc seems to think my nerve in my brain that controls facial sensations..trimenial I think it is..is swollen and has told me to take some ibuprofen. It did help for 3 days, then I started smoking again and it seems to have come back. Is this from smoking cigarettes/marijuana or is this something else? Has anyone else had this weird sensation on the upper left side of their face?
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It does sound like a irritated nerve signal from one of the branches of the trigeminal nerve.  Is there any drooping of that side of your face?  Is your smile lop-sided at all?  Any problem opening that eye? The trigeminal nerve comes out just below the ear and handles the sensation and the facial muscles on each side.  I would encourage you to follow up with your Dr.  If the sensation got worse with cig smoking (which is highly destructive to all tissues) take every measure you can to stop it.

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Could it be Bells Palsy?  Of course I'm no doctor, but my husband had similar symptoms and it was Bells Palsy.
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No there is no drooping eyes or lopsided smiling. I havent smoked in over 24 hours and it is lessening. My left ear seems like it is popping on and off. Other than that there are no there are no other symptoms. I was in the sun yesterday and it seemed to go away with the heat and swimming in the pool. I hope all it I have to do is  stop smoking...because I can do that no problem. It will give me an excuse. LIke I said I stopped for 3-4 days and it completely went away.
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I have this condition and I am a non-smoker. I have been having these cobweb sensations on my ears, face, backs of my hands and sometimes on my scalp. No it's not lice or anything really...It's mainly of a night, I first thought it the air-conditioner but many nights with it off proved me wrong.
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I use to smoke alot of marijuana, and then i stopped for some time. Then i started again. I havent smoked for a week then i smoked some kush about 5 days ago. That day i smoked it and after almost 20 mintues pass, i felt a weird feeling on the top of my head like there was something going thru a nerve or something. I kinda panic and had to calm my self down. After that i went to sleep. I dont think it was laced becuz the person i smoked it with did not feel what i felt. The next day and every since then ive been having weird cobweb like sensation on left side of face from eye to nose as well. Ive notice that i itch more and i also feel a weird type itch and tingle on my scalp. My hands and feet also itch as well. Its driving me crazy becuz it is an annyoing feeling. I went to the Doctor today and he said from the examin he gave me he thinks there is nothing wrong. He also said that this could be caused from stress. Im also a hypochondriac so it bothers me even more to think about what im feeling. The doctor prescribed me some pills to take to help with the itching, and he said for me to go see a neurologist. Im afraid i have nerve damage or something. Im trying to stay sane untill i find out whats going on. The person i smoked the marijuana with hasnt been feeling what ive been feeling either. So i know its just me.

Any advice?
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I've had the cobweb sensation for some time now. At least 2 years. It comes and goes It always starts out as a very slight feeling, like a hair has fallen on my face. After about 3 days it feels like something is moving across my face, my cheeks, chin, nose and eyes. It sometimes feels like small electrical signals running through my nerves. I itch like crazy too, mostly at nigh. All over my body, my eye then my leg then my back, drives me crazy.  I think it's related to a weakend immune system because I usually get a bout right before I have a cold or the flu and is sometimes followed by a cold sore.
I also smoke marijuana. I stopped smoking and really took care of myself, eating really good, exercising, getting lots of sleep and symptoms stopped. I've had 3 bouts in the last 12 months all when I have had a cold.
I hope this hepls, I would love to know your thoughts.

I w

I'm 42  
Mine started after a cold sore popped up, I was afraid I was getting shingles. However, it doesn't hurt. just annoying.
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Gets   a   cobweb  like  feeling  on   my   hole   face  from  head  to  chin
check   with   doctor no   physical,  reason    was  found, just  to  keep
checking   back, i  also   drift    at   times   when  walking, can   anyone  
give  me   a  hint    of   what   is   about   to  go  wrong?
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I could not believe the symptoms that you all have described here were happening to me. It felt like cobwebs or a hair fell across my face after "brushing" it away it didn't dispel the feeling, the other parts of my body start to itch like my legs, back, arms, neck and even my feet and I noticed what looked like flea bites (my mom had cats when I was growing up so I know all about flea bites) anyway I realized something was wrong the itching is extremely unbearable. So after doing a bit of research I've come to the conclusion that what this is is face mites or to be more accurate Demodex folliculorum or Demodex brevis. They are basically the same type of mite however one feeds and lays eggs in the pores or your skin and the other does it in your hair follicles. They have also been called eyelash mites and they live at the base of your eyelashes or in your eyebrows as well as your scalp. This link is a good website for information, not sure about the product; demodexsolutions.com.

Now when I visited the ER today the doctor claims that it is scabies but I know he is wrong; he did not take any samples/scrapings to the lab and my research says scabies does not affect the head, plus my symptoms do not resemble what Wiki shows (pics at bottom of wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scabies). I am looking at a product from Natursil that is supposed to treat scabies and I want to see if it will treat Demodex too. So now that the ER doctor failed me, and made me wait for over an hour in a little room in a little gown... b-itch!%$; I have an appointment with a "specialist" tomorrow morning and I hope I will not be disappointed.

And oh btw, not wanting to freak you all out or anything but; over 60% of the worlds human population has some type of mite living on them and have had them for years but may not know it or be symptomatic, symptoms can start to appear due to high stress or lowered immune system. And this **** is wicked contagious with skin to skin contact or if you borrow someones hat..etc.

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I have this feeling right now, feels like a eyelash or small hair on my left side of my face,eye,ear. I also have a cold sore starting, and I have had little sleep this week !!! So I agree with you, a weakened immune system, due to lack of sleep, not eating right, stress, and a cold coming on. It all means, you are not taking good care of your body. Your body is reacting to this. You are fatigued and have a weak defense system. Get sleep and eat a good meal for the next few days and you will feel better. You are working to many hours and not enough sleep. Your body needs rest.
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I have this too.  Did it turn out to be demodex mites?
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I have had this feeling of cobwebs just on the end of my nose for about 6 weeks.  I have been working in the yard alot and at first thought it truely was spiderweb.  The last week or so I haven't worked in the yard and realized that im really feeling this.  Its not like sweat is dripping off my face. I digress...I had a major reconstruction of my jaw in 91 for an underbite.  I have had major migraines...like 14 a month for years.  I had them when I was young starting at 7 but no where as severe as now.  I work for my local school board in the HR dept.   I handle workers'comp and the sick leave that employees have to take.  I have a lady who came in to take a leave that has trigeminal neuralgia after having a tooth pulled in 2011. She needed to be on medications which would not allow her to work.  Also another lady came in a week later with a swollen trigeminal that needed to have surgery to put a plate to stop it from pressing on the wall of her brain.  Anyway....I have been suffering for so long.  All of a sudden these 2 ladies come in within a week of one another.  The doctors can't figure why I have these extreme headaches. Im thinking my trigeminal nerve might have something to do with it. They completely took my jaw out...took the nerve out... cut my palate in 4 places...I was wired shut for 2 months.  My point....I am seeing a corelation here!
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This is exactly what I have been experiencing!  I am 25 years old and have been suffering with this my entire life.  When I was a kid the doc wrote it off as "tourette's" because I was displaying a lot of facial tics.  However, I later realized my "tics" were my reaction to this odd sensation I experienced constantly in my eyes and cheeks.  After switching from contacts to glasses and not bombarding my eyes with irritation on a daily basis my symptoms reduced dramatically.  A couple of years ago my symptoms reduced to primarily affecting my right eye, side of nose, and cheek.  The symptoms wax and wane and often are worse when I am under high stress, however this does not always hold true.  There are times I am under high stress and the symptoms are absent and vice versa.  I really hope this can be blamed on the demodex mites, as there are supposed remedies to reduce them, however if this is an issue of the trigeminal nerve I feel hopeless...  The good news, is that this is not "pain", which makes trigeminal neuralgia less likely.  

I also have intense itching like some of you.  It is primarily at night.  This is a potential symptom of Hodkin's lyhmphoma, liver or chronic kidney failure.  Something I would encourage you to get checked out if these symptoms persist or progress.  
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Any updates??? Have these symptoms gone away? Did anyone get answers from a neurologist? Mine is only one sided. Any help is appreciated!
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I found this answer on another site:

A. Paresthesia is the name given to the abnormal sensation of numbness, tingling or a "pins-and-needles" feeling. It can occur anywhere in the body and results from poor electrical conduction through the nerves.

There are many nerves in the face but, based on the location of your symptoms, the facial nerve is the one most likely involved. There's one on each side of the face; it controls the muscles that produce facial expressions.

Damage to the facial nerve is one of the most frequent causes of paralysis. And because only one facial nerve typically is damaged, the resulting asymmetry is obvious.

There are many possible causes of damage, including infections, trauma, tumors and congenital factors. Diagnosis of facial-nerve damage is fairly straightforward, because of the obvious changes in facial appearance.

But early in the process, before spasm or paralysis starts, other symptoms can occur, including numbness, a sense of fullness in the face, difficulty swallowing, dry eyes, pain around the ear and changes in taste. Minor, rapid muscle spasms often are described as flickering or "squiggly."

Such sensations may be felt by people who are emotionally stressed and consume a lot of caffeinated drinks. People with MS are more likely to experience very small spasms, called myokymia, which often occur in the region of the facial nerve.

It's important to distinguish the changes in facial appearance caused by facial paralysis from those that can occur in people with MS or who have suffered a stroke. The latter is crucial, because rapid treatment of a stroke can make all the difference in the outcome.

The most common form of facial nerve problems and paralysis of the face in middle-age and younger people is Bell's palsy.

The cause of Bell's palsy is unknown, but many think it is from inflammation and damage of the facial nerve caused by a virus, physical compression of the nerve or lack of adequate blood supply to the nerve itself.

Fortunately, more than half the people with Bell's palsy recover completely within one or two months without treatment. Most of the rest have substantial and satisfactory improvement, and only about 10 percent have permanent symptoms.

The development of tingling in your wrist and legs may be unrelated to your face, but if it is related, it indicates that you are much more likely to have a systemic disease such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis.


Write to Allen Douma in care of Tribune Media Services, 435 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60611; or contact him at ***@****. This column is not intended to take the place of consultation with a health-care provider.
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Hello everyone, I'm a 32 year old female from SC. Just about 10 months ago I started experiencing the sypmtoms of a spider web caught in my edge of eyelids, my nose, into my mouth and my nose. Today is my first time looking for any kind of information. At this point, I'm truly considering this is more on a spiritual and physical level. This thing appeared and wanted me to think " oh I must have ran into a web, " strange thing is I've done that I'm sure through out lifr and I had not ever suffered like this. I've broke out in rash and yes it burns. My husband thanks I'm making it up, and one day how I was facing the sun my mother could see the silk thread. My next step is to purchase a black light to see what I can see. I pray for you all and God bless you, Amen.
Also, I have been successful to pull silk substance to a corner of my face and it is difficult to remove completely off face. Nobody is crazy or it is not an hallucination. Just bc the people you are talking too, not entertainment it, then focus on prayer. God bless.
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Yes I have this sensation along my left side cheek bone. Like a hair is tickling my face. It comes and goes. I got checked by a neurologist, and had MRIs done. They never found the cause. However, I am prone to migraines so maybe it is related.
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it is bcz of wooden furniture at your residing home  and the mites which are invisible which residing in engineered wooden furniture used move and live on face and whole body normally bare. better dispose the furniture  or burn it.
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I have hard that  Cobweb sensation for 12 years now,it began in 2008 in Iraq when i working as a contractor,i was 24 then and i am not 36,there was a time when it became so severe to the extent that i was feeling heaviness on my head i was forced to seek Deliverance in a Pentecostal church  coz my instincts kept telling me it was some kind of bewitchment  or spell,surprisingly that ''thing" broke for the first time after many years , i could notice wrinkles in my face,i was only 29 but looked like a 45 year old,many people couldn't believe my age,however i have not been fully healed i still feel cobwebs on my head and face and i am forced to change every time,i have even developed head bumps,i have never figured out what it is exactly,sometimes i think its a Neurological Disorder
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