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Weird sensation in my head

About a month ago I started having strange symptoms out of nowhere. One day I felt kind of dizzy but not bad so I didn't worry about it. The next day it was worse, and by the third day it was constant all day and has been ever since. I now have narrowed the feeling down to more of a light headed feeling, like I am not getting enough blood to my head or something. I constantly feel floaty or out of sorts and just not myself. When I am still like sitting on the couch I feel the sensation in rhythm with my heartbeat. Its worse when I strain, like cough, blow my nose or turn my head. When I turn my head its as if it takes a second for everything to catch up. I have been to my regular doctor who said inner ear - went on prednisone and that was terrible. ENT said it was allergies, I am on allergy meds and no difference. Cardiologist said my heart is just fine. MRI and MRA came back all good too other than I have an arachnoid cyst but he said its not causing my problems and I was probably born with it. So now my "diagnosis" is tight neck muscles. So I am seeing a physical therapist and acupuncturist but so far no big change. I just want to feel normal again I am going out of my mind. Anyone have any insights??
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I was feeling dizzy, feeling like i was gonna pass out, constant brain fog etc...I finally had a food allergy test after pregnancy and I am allergic to soy.  When I stay away from soy,  I do not have those symptoms.  I never thought a food allergy could be neurological,  but I'm  here to tell you it can be.  Hope this helps!
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Have your neurologist do a lumbar puncture and make sure they use a meter to gage the spinal pressure that's how I was diagnosed with intracranial hypertension I had daily migraines eyes were going dim irritability hard to walk incontinance after surgery it all went away except for abdominal pain from the shunt tubing they are looking into that now take care
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