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Weird syptoms..

I Also but this on "rare diseases community" but I think I this belongs here.. I just copy the same here and make few changes and updates because I don´t have the concentration for writing new one right now..

I have symptoms that are most likely neurological, but all the tests are going so slow.. Only ekg and blood test has been taken. I probably get the results in this week but I´m quite sure they are still normal and I´m not that good with patience now days.

My sense of smell hasn´t worked in 5 years. Mostly it´s gone completely but some times it works choosing what it wants to smell and some times I smells "wrong" smells or smells that are not there. I also have lost my sense of taste couple of times for a moment.

My legsh, back, hands and some times even parts of my head (face and back of head behind left ear) go numb but most times they still work normally. I also feel weird pains that have no reasons like feeling of iron nail going through my finger when there really isn´t anything wrong.

One day I was cooking and I had to search every ingredient even thou i knew they were exactly where I had put them. I just couldn´t "see them" and I couldn´t see any difference between oil, salad tressing and soy sauce bottles. Like my head could not register which item was which. So all looked the same or was kind of "invisible" for me. Hard to explain but hopefully that had some sense in it.

I have only once lost power in my muscles and it was my left hand. I have felt some times that my legs don´t seem to keep up in more complex moves even thou they used to be routine for me in martial arts. Also left hand seems loose the precision when trying something thats harder for coordination.

My wife says I move a lot in sleep and my moods seem to swing much more than before. Some times my concentration seems to be out of control.

I don´t know if it´s because the concentration but my memory is pretty bad. I lose words, forgot what I was doing or saying and some times I have problems in realizing did I say something or was I just thinking to say it.

So I think the point was: What the hell is wrong with me?

Ask if you need more information. Any help is much appreciated! And I mean VERY appreciated.
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Thanks. I thought the same but they did test it in my blood tests and said its normal.

I think they did most if not all blood tests that could relate to any of my symptoms..
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Check your thyroid!! Memory loss is short term and makes you feel like you are retarded sometimes. Not knowing what spice to use sounded like you were experiencing automatic behavior due to short term memory loss for little bit there. Anxiety and med withdrawals can cause that too. Thyroid would be my first choice to pursue. You dont have to have all the symptoms to have a bad thyroid, but if you let it keep progressing, you will eventually see all the symptoms. Hopefully it just started and you will get help quickly. Thyroid panel is not included in the basic blood panels. you order it seperate.
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I not gonna update this any more. This same is in rare diseases.
So if you are interested here is link..

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I finally got my results and they are just like I thought. Ekg and all blood tests were normal.

My doctor is going through my medical papers that just got here.
She said she will call again some time in this week to talk what´s next.

I don´t normally wish that doctor would find something wrong in me but this time I
really hope something shows up in the next tests. I have the symptoms anyway
so then at least I would´t have to be completely clueless what causes them.

In this forum I really don´t seem to get any answers but I guess I´ll keep updating this same time as I do in the rare diseases forum. At least for now.
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Now I have to wait for the test results even longer than they first said. I moved some time ago so they don´t have all of my papers and one of the blood tests isn´t ready.. Doctor calls me at first of December so until then nothing happens..

I hate to wait and this affects my every day life in a way ore another so I am a bit annoyed.. Mostly bored but also annoyed. I think the swain flu vaccinations that are going on here are slowing down everything else in local medical centers..
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More details..

I am 22 years old.. And male if some one didn´t realize that from my previous post..

I lost my sense of smell without any visible reason.. I wasn´t sick or anything and first I thought it would come back so I didn´t worry about it.

My medical history is pretty boring except that I have flexible joints. Also Tietzen syndrome that is symptomless right now and very mild slipped disc in lower back. These should not cause any symptoms right now.

I´ve been trying to find people or diseases having same symptoms as me but at least in the net it seems there is nothing with all or even with most of my symptoms.

I´ll post the ekg and blood test results as soon as I get them.
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