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What could be causing these issues: palsy, scoliosis, reynaud's & more?

A few years ago I failed a nerve test given by my GP.  Further examination by a vascular doctor led to a diagnosis of reynaud disease. Shortly after that I was having back pain and an xray showed me to have an s shaved curve to my spine. These 2 curves gained around 8 to 10 degrees each in less than two months.  Then shortly after that I woke up with facial paralysis which was diagnosed as bells palsy.  The neuro i was sent to ordered an mri which he said showed nothing. However I read the report and the radiologist recommended further examination due to multiple white lesions on my brain in my mri scan.  The neuro wouldn't respond to my repeated calls about that so nothing has been done since. Now I'm experiencing episodes of my leg just quitting to work (basically muscles wont respond at all) and have fallen down my stairs twice as a result.  I also have lots of pins and needles in my hands and feet which I never have had before.  I feel this is all somehow related as it all came about at once.  And for the record I didn't have any evidence of scoliosis as a child or young adult. I was x-rayed many times over the years and showed nothing of the sort. I mention this because no doctor wants to accept that i did not have this as a child when I know for a fact it was not an issue at least until after my mid to late 30's.  And as far as other info that may be a factor I was diagnosed as having protein s deficiency in my youth. My mother has antithrombin III deficiency.

Please tell me what could relate all these things. In my gut I know it's related to a single problem that could be treated to end or at least prevent worsening of my symptoms but no doctor seems to want to do anything. And they definitely dont try to see the issues combined at all telling me they are to treat one thing and that the other is for a different doctor.
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