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What could be wrong with me? Neuro and physical symptoms


About four-five months ago I started getting really bad "brain fog" along with some physical symptoms. It took me a while to be able to pinpoint what some of the brain fog entails: inability to concentrate, can't retain new information, can't do anything cognitively difficult, slower reaction time, memory issues, am not processing things normally. (if you're wondering how I am able to write all this now, I have dozens of my medical bills and tests out to help me).

Examples of how bad my mental cognition is: hard to make toast, hard for me to figure out my way through public transport and airports (I am a very frequent traveller but find myself almost unable to get through it, alot that was familiar now seems so unfamiliar and foreign--I think this is the scariest part, forgot the meaning of a lot of words)

All that then caused insomnia and anxiety, then social anxiety and depression and apathy. This is because I am unable to hold conversations, make conversations, understand what is being said, ect. So I have completely pulled myself out of social situations (which is VERY odd since I am (was) such an extrovert).

Here are the other symptoms that I have had on and off for the past four months (not in any order, and I am not sure which are related):
-sensitive to some lights and sounds
-menstruation is completely out of whack
-random night sweats
-very dry skin/itchy skin
-rashes/break outs (worst skin i've ever had, and i'm only 24!!)
-bad sleep
-tingling/random pins and needles
-random ringing in ears
-very sensitive to cold
-very sensitive to alcohol (I stopped drinking completely now)

Something that I just realised two weeks ago, although I am not sure how long it has been there for, is muffled hearing. When I swallow, my ears don't clear. However, they clear when I close my nose and push out, but then get muffled right away. I also have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for a long time. These two things could be related or might not be.

I have seen two endocrinologists and two holistic doctors and am not exactly sure what to do next. Here are my tests that I have done:
-thyroid panel -- all okay (I am hypothyroid and have been taking armour for the past 4 years)
-Prolactin - a bit high but okay
-LH - normal
-Estradiol - normal
-Cortisol -- was very high, given hydrocortisone for 4 weeks, now it is all okay
-DHEA -- normal
-Testeosterone -- normal
-CBC : all okay, with a few just out of the normal range:
Hematocrit, MCV and MPV all a bit above
MCHC a bit low
-B12 -- normal (but given supplements and shot anyways)
-progesterone -- a bit low (taking this for past 3 months now, but only difference is I get my period on a regular basis now)
-vitamin D - was low, doc gave me a three months gel
-Pregnenolone - very low, started taking 30 mg but then got heart palpitations and stopped
-folate -- normal
-serotonin -- normal
-homocysteine -- normal

Apart from all of these tests, I have crossed out: gluten free, candida, lack of fish oil, low magnesium calcium and zinc,

I am not sure where to go from here.. I am out of a job right now because of this. I hope someone on here can help steer me in the right direction because I am so very lost. I am also too young and healthy for this to be happening to me!!

One last thing that I thought I should mention is that I had a bad vaginal infection just before this started happening, which I took strong antibiotics for. Not sure if this is related, but worth mentioning.

Thanks for all your help. Peace and love.  
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