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What is causing my symptoms????

Hello, sorry if this is a long post, back in February of 2018 I had horrible pain in both my index fingers, went to the doctor and was told it was tendonitis. It didn’t get better and I started getting burning sensations in my arms, went back to the doctor and they did blood work everything came back fine. A few months later the symptoms didn’t get better and things got worse my body had random tingling and burning and weird sensations in my legs. Went to the doctor he got me in for a mri and with a neurologist. I have 9 lesions in my brain they say are nonspecific, they put me on gabapention but it did not like me, so I just delt with the symptoms, a few months later from my head, face, right arm and right leg all tightened up, I felt like I was walking on a rock, went and had another mri and was also sent to a hematologists because my white blood count was low, so another mri plus lots of blood work, they found nothing. No changes in the mri. So I had a spinal tap done and another mri of my entire spine, spinal tap came back good, but found moderate cord compression in my neck. But it was not bad enough for surgery. By this time I have facial twitching, twitching all over my body, tingling and some burning in both my arms, back of my head hurt and and right shoulder, and random body pain that comes and goes dizziness  and tingling, I never have complete numbness. So had another mri on brain and spine this time they said the compression was Severe and needed surgery at c5c6, I had the surgery and it did help with a few things. I still had almost all my symptoms but felt a tiny bit better. Had another brain mri, and my neurologist said it’s not Ms and said it was just from my cervical myelopathy. I was still feeling like crap and wanted a 2nd opinion, went to a new neurologist and had another mri of my brain and no changes again and she feels it’s not Ms either. I’m having a skin biopsy done and maybe that will give me a idea, but Iv had several mris and lots of blood work and no answers I’m getting so frustrated does anybody else have anything similar going on????
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