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All day today I've been feeling like someone has been poking me with a needle all over my body, arms, legs, neck, everywhere.  And I had a burning sensation in the back of my left upper arm.  Other symptoms that I've had are:

-tingling & numbness in left leg, left arm and right hand
- sharp pain in upper left arm & right side of nect
- electric shock like pain under left foot and left upper arm
- left upper arm feels dead
-hard time walking at times
- ocasional headache
- the other day the numbness started on my left foot and crept up my leg slowly, like I was putting on a sock and went up to above my knee and then went away.

Does anyone know what this might be?  I have had some bloodwork done, all normal.  I had an EMG yesterday and the nerves are fine, but he said that there is crackling in the muscles.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please can someone help me?  Please?
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'Abnormal nerve sensations such as pins-and-needles, tingling, burning, prickling or similar feelings are all known as "paresthesias". Some cases are severe enough to be considered painful. Paresthesias usually result from nerve damage due to pressure, entrapment, or nerve diseases. Continued nerve damage can lead to finger numbness and permanent loss of feeling. Any abnormal sensation needs medical investigation.

Distinction as to which fingers are tingling is important to diagnosis. The main fingers are more likely to be affected by conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The 4th and 5th fingers are affected by the ulnar nerve, which can be interrupted by pressure at the elbow or the chest area (e.g. thoracid outlet syndrome).

Parethesias in the hands and fingers can also be caused by broader diseases such as peripheral neuropathy (more common in the feet but hands can be affected) and various others. Correct diagnosis of the causes of finger paresthesias is important and treatment can often reverse the damage. '

'# Other medical conditions, including:

    * Carpal tunnel syndrome
    * Diabetes
    * Migraines
    * Multiple sclerosis
    * Seizures
    * Stroke
    * Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
    * Underactive thyroid

# Abnormal levels of calcium, potassium, or sodium in your body
# A lack of vitamin B12 or other vitamin
# Certain medications
# Toxic action on nerves, such as that from lead, alcohol, or tobacco
# Radiation therapy'

You could read more about this at the following link -

Consult your doctor to find out the cause in your case.

Let us know if you need any other information.


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Thanks for the reply, I am waiting to get an MRI done, but the only person that can send me for one is the specialist and I have to wait to get an appointment with her and they say it can be up to a year.  Hopefully it won't be much longer.  As for the tingling and numbness it's not as much in the extremities as it is in the arm and leg themselves.  And now I started having burning sensation on my left arm, right wrist and right thigh.  I'm not sure what this all means, but hopefully I'll be able to find out soon.
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