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What to do now??

My sister has had an undiagnosed condition (neurological) for three years now... twitching in her legs daily, muscle pain like you just ran 1000 miles, and leg fatigue. She has seen neurologists, physical therapy, rhematoid doctors and her PCP. Multiple MRIs and blood work. All negative. She's had some genetic testing...that was negative. She has wanted to end her life because the symptoms are there EVERY day, all day. She tried to do a study, but was rejected as they could only accept so many participants. She's at a dead end, what would you do? She does have another appointment with a sixth neurologist, but that may turn up no answer as well. Any ideas???
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Go to a vascular doctor
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This is absolutely a terrific response as yes, that likely could be the issue. Do you have experience with this?
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Is she on medication(s) could be side effects.
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Has she had her nutrient levels checked?  Especially electrolytes?  How's her diet?  Has she tried cutting out dairy, wheat, and other common allergens?  Seen an orthopedic surgeon to see if there are any hip or back problems pinching on nerves?  If she's tried absolutely everything, it's time to see better docs, such as going to Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins.  But sometimes, when everything looks good and it isn't, something to try is getting away from doctors and trying natural medicine, which will focus on diet, etc.  Sometimes that works when other things don't.  I've seen it happen with people with hard to treat things like fibromyalgia, chronic yeast problems, etc.  Sometimes doctors aren't the right people, but first you do have to make sure there's nothing there that docs can find and when your docs can't find it, find better docs.
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