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What's going on

What's going on?
56 yo male, never smoked, only occasional alcohol.
2/1998 Grand Mal Seizure due to medication
4/98 found spot in lung. Tested positive for TB
10/98 lung section removed, spot determined to be cryptococus completed TB meds
4/2006 got bacteria while on cruise in Belize. Ship diverted to Key West and Coast Guadeloupe removed me. I had a gram negative rod shaped bacteria. Became septic Abdomens was opened and drained of pus, appendix was inflamed and was taken out.
9/2007 pancreatic attack gallbladder was sludgy
10/2007 gallbladder removed
7/2009 went to ER with stroke like symptoms, stuttering, double vision, cognitive issues. CT and MRI were normal discharged with DX of stress, given Rx for Xanax.
10/2012 ER with chest pains' 100 % blockage of an artery unable to stent
11/2012 spleen removed as it was enlarged (23 cm) and keeping platelet count to low to perform triple bypass
11/2012 after platelet count came up to norms, triple bypass performed.
12/2012 in ER with AFIB put on Amerooderone for 3 months.
5/2013 in hospital for unknown infection fever on 103+, CT anf MRI normal kept on IV antibiotics for 7 days then released
6/2013 left face numb, left arm and leg weak, stumbling. Neurologist said  CT and MRI show mild stroke or TIA. dismissed with addition of Plavix to meds.
12/2013 ER with chest pains. All tests normal.
12/23/13 dx shingles
1/6/14 left forearm numb difficulty breathing. PCP did chest X-ray  lower lobes "hazy" gave antibiotics for possible pneumonia.
1/8-10/14 vision halo, nausea, dizzy, confusion, slurred speech' stumbling, memory problems
1/10/14 at ER with these symptoms, CT and MRI normal dx and dismissed as TIA.
1/16/14 at PCP for follow up appt. my CBC from 1/6/14 showed HGB 19.1 and HCT 53.1,  new CBC showed increase HGB 19.3 and HCT 58.6. Sent to hospital to have 2 units of blood removed for polycythemia
1/17/14 at oncologist/Hemotologist for eval. Went back to hospital and another unit removed.
1/24/14 hemo results were in, JAK2 was negative and EPO was in high end of normal.
1/28/14 Sunday severe stuttering and tremors in arms. Went to ER. CT ANC MRI were normal. Neurologist said the previous two TIAs were probably not TIAs and there was nothing they could do for me and for me to go somewhere else.
Experiencing tremors and cognitive problems, ataxia, trouble reading and finding right words. Family says I have lost my tact or filter in things I might say when compared to past. I sometimes have all the right words in a spoken sentence but they may be in wrong order. Having problems doing things in correct order. I am now carrying a cane to help prevent galling due to balance and gait problems.  I go in every Friday for CBC if HGB is 16+ then a unit is removed. I am unable to preform duties of my job and am on short tern disability. We are waiting to schedule a bone marrow Biospy.. I am always sleepy and take naps even after sleeping 8 hours or more.
I have done research on Parkinson's, Lewy body dementia, Alzheimer's, huntington's,
I used to have night terrors and would wake up acting out dreams.
I went to get copies of my latest CTs and MRIs and in the notes there were comments that the neurologist did not share with me.
CT 1/10/14 w/o contrast
No midline shift. There is widening of cortical sulci. Ventricles and basal cistern within normal limits. No intracranial hemorrhage.. Mild cerebral atrophy

CT 1/26/14 w/o contrast
Mild generalized cerebral atrophy. No mass, hemorrhage or midline shift.

What does all this mean?

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You sound like you've really been through the mill.  You've had so many things that I have to wonder whether they are all part of one picture.  I've no idea whether this article will help you or not but it might be worth taking a look:

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