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Worries about fasciculations

Hi everyone. First of all I would like to apologize in advance if I am wasting anyone's time.

I'm a 27 year old male, I have been experiencing some symptoms over the last 2 weeks that I would like some advice on to see if this sounds familiar to anyone. I did contact my doctor who said to come see him only if symptoms get worse or don't go away but while looking for relief methods I stumbled on ALS and MS info and truthfully I am quite anxious.

Been having an issue with left leg discomfort when sitting down. Its a very mild feeling, not a lot of pain but I feel a deep tightness that isn't really a painful cramp but that muscle feels like its tight, but it isnt, motion and stuff is normal. After about 2 months like that I got a very long and erratic muscle twitch on my left calf that lasted about 15 seconds. It went away but over the last week I've been having twitches in multiple areas in my body, but the most of them occur on my left side. Twitches occur in my Calves, Quads, hamstrings, buttocks, arms and back near my shoulder blades, and also in my abdomen near my ribcage.

I've also felt very mild cramping in my left calf and both arms that goes away with light stretching but come back once in while. I call it cramps because I don't have a way to describe it. My arms feel kind of like a mild tightness and discomfort. Been feeling a bit of pain in the arch of my left foot and ankle when I walk or do stuff sometimes.

The twitches are not constant, or don't last longer than maybe 5 seconds, and goes away if I move that muscle.
Most of them are just one hard twitch and then it's gone.
But it happens during the whole day, mostly when I'm at rest, and happens occasionaly every few hours or so.

In terms of weakness I haven't failed at doing anything I do On a daily basis, although my left side muscles feel more sore after a workout than my right. Amount of weight lifted is not any different.

Now for the last two days I have also been experiencing some strange internal trembling in my arms when I wake up in the morning. It cannot be seen but I feel it in both arms and it goes away when I get up and move about to start my day.

Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience here. Just wanted to know if any of this sounds familiar or whether I should push my GP for an exam or something. Thanks to all!

If this was anything serious would anything else have come up in 2 weeks?

I totally regret my first google search on twitches because ever since seeing stuff about ALS I have been completely freaked out and restless.
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How is your diet?

I ask because one typical cause of twitching is a magnesium deficiency.  Even with a decent diet, magnesium deficiency is more and more common.  When you see your gp, ask to have your levels tested (even if normal, it's not a shoe in that your levels are fine because very little magnesium is in blood serum, but it's a start.)

It's difficult to not get anxious when we experience weird neurological issues, and unfortunately that anxiety can magnify what we start out with (BTDT lol).  Having said that, other than magnesium (and sometimes calcium) deficiency, a much more typical cause of twitching is benign fasciculation syndrome.  However, these would be actual fasciculations, rather than just twitches.

If you experience an episode of long twitching, it is helpful to try to catch it on video,

Try to put your mind at ease -- there also some more common metabolic causes, and right now, MS and ALS are way way way down your list (and probably not even on it).  Your doc should definitely doing some bloodwork if he hasn't already, including magnesium as I mentioned above, vitamin D and B12.

The twitching and fasciculations I had for about 18  months have almost completely disappeared with magnesium supplementation.
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I have twitching and after google I thought I had MS or ALS but I have nerve damage from undiagnosef spine problems ask ur doctor to send you for an MRI of your back. Your leg nerves are in your lumbar-lower back but your arm nerves are in your cervical spine-upper back. This would explain your symptoms.
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Oh yes as soon as I read twitching then foot heel issues I thought wow that's exactly some of my symptoms. Feels like the bottom of my foot left foot is falling off here & there.
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Came back to mention like the post above mine here you may be low on b12 once I began b12 my muscle twitching subsided a great deal. I had barely any b12 in my system I was very tired in pain muscles twitching fingers got numb and so cold like they were frozen. B12 jhelped with that
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