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cheek fracture

I was hit in the face. My cheek got swollen immediately and  immensely and my inner eye near my nose and most of my inner eye turned black but my outer cheek is still white.
When I (as a light tickle) run my finger across it I have this very awkward sensation under eye all the way to the corner of injured eye. My nose has no pain. My upper eyelid has no pain. But the bulb on top my cheek seems to be loose and my outer/bottom eyelid is filled with dark blood, as in coagulated sort of and there is some redness in the white part of my outer white of eye but not the inner. I am almost certain I have broken my zygo(whatever)  and or cheek or orbital something. The sensation under my eye is scary because I can barely push the outer cheek and it is felt all the way underneath my eye into the corner. I am without insurance and I read 50% need surgery. It doesn't look sunken and it only happened 3 days ago and some swelling has gone down but what is weird is the place that I feel is fracture on my outer upper cheek under eye and into the outer corner which moves is without any bruising. Can any blood harm me. No headaches, no pressure, no blurred vision or no double vision, eye moves fine...can it cause me issues later somehow as it heals or whatever.
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Sir, you need to go to an ER ASAP to get that diagnosed and treated.  Fractures around the lower orbit (eye) can indeed cause you some future issues.  Floating bone can cause damage and infection...if you have no insurance...the hospital's social worker can help you with filling out the forms for your states free or low cost medicaid...some even have what's known as a Hill Burton Fund...where if you qualify, you're medical treatment is significantly reduced or free.  If this injury is caused by an assault by another person, there may be some "victim's fund" in your state...check into it, but MOST IMPORTANTLY...SEEK HELP ASAP!
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I have this same exact symptoms after being elbowed right there immediately it swelled to a point and looked like I had a triangle on that side it's been almost a year I still have a slight bump and the weird sensation in my eye if I rub it can someone please tell me if I need it looked at
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