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daily headaches after 3 blood patches

Hello-I had a lumcar-sacral steroid injection 5 months ago-got a spinal  headache-treated with three blood patches-now I have daily pressure headaches that seem exacerbated by bending and sitting upright medicated with fioricet-very helpful. My doctors have repeated MRI's w/o contrast and have no idea whats causing these headaches.

One neurologist said the pressure headaches are from the overuse of Fioricet (usually 2 tabs taken daily or alternate days) I discontinued the fioricet a month ago but the pressure headaches continue.
A second opinion with another neurologist: his opinion is there is STILL a cerebrospinal leak- even after FIVE months and only an MRI w/contrast can show it.
three doctors -three opinions- what's you expert opinion?

Thanks so much for your input-
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

CSF leak or spinal headache usually resolves within few days or week as many of the causes of leak go away on their own after a few days. Complete bed rest or blood patches for several days are usually recommended. Therefore, I do not foresee your continuous headache even after six months is due to CSF leak. Other possibilities like migrainous, cluster and tension type headache that may occur after an injury and need to be evaluated thoroughly with the help of a neurologist here. Migraine like headache can be throbbing, one sided of face & head and preceded by aura (starts with blurred vision). Cluster headache may appear as burning, explosive in nature and tear appears from eyes. Therefore, it will be best to consult a neurologist to find out the nature of headache in order to start the appropriate treatment. Hope this helps.
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thx for the input-yes had MRI...but spinal leak and three blood patches were five months ago...I laid flat for four days initially.
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Hi I am not an expert, but had a CSF leak....and I was told to lie flat for 5 days..drink plenty of H2o and caffeine....the leak healed on it's own with out a bloodpatch.....were u advised to lie flat?

Do u have copies of ur MRI and  the reports? I think it may be interesting to see exactly what the report reveals.

Good Luck
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