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excruciating pains thoughout cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine

My name is Mikayla I am 19 years old, caucasion, 5'3 and between 110-115 lbs and I have been diagnosed with several herniated discs, in both my cervical and my lumbar spine. On top of having spinal stenosis and damaged facet joints.The position of the herniated discs are leaning and applying pressure on my nerve branches causing me to tingling or arthritis pain like sensation in specific my thumb, pointer, middle and pinky fingers, along with my right big toe having a loss of sensation  with a lot of calluses on the top . I  recently just started having a severely bad- stabbing like pain that inflicts sharp pain when I inhale. The pain is located in the middle of my thoracic spine, I am not sure what exact disc it is that is causing this pain, but it radiates and causes localized dull, deep, and aching pain that is directly left of my spine that is aligned directly across the sharp pain. This sharp pain prevents me from expanding my lungs to full capacity to breathe. I am still waiting approval from insurance to give my the green light to get an MRI on my thoracic spine.  But in the mean time I thought I should do some research on all of my worsening symptoms. Starting with the bottoms of my feet where the arch is I experience an intense burning sensation at random times along with the back of my knees. ...  I also found that my fingers, neck, and back all are very stiff and feel like arthritis like pain, and stiffness, which I noticed worsens during precipitation, and at night. However, I am constantly urging to temporarily relieve the joint pain by constantly cracking the joints.I am not sure if that is going to make the situation worse but it is every joint, knuckles to my ankles to my groin, fingers to the whole spine and neck.  My right butt cheek is tingly sometimes and other times feel a deep pinching pain.I also had 3 surgeries on my gums that are receding very fast, on top of everything I am constantly tired, forgetting things, and seemingly depressed. And lastly my left eye is extremely susceptible to light provoked migraines. I am 115 pounds and I am 5'3 and Caucasian. I was wondering if anyone had been diagnosed with an underlying disorder/disease that causes all of these spinal problems. Please get back to me as soon as possible for I am in excruciating pain while sitting, standing, breathing and/or laying down. I have also have very tensed shoulder traps and random sharp pains in my shoulders. I also have chronic ingrown hairs in my scalp. Does anyone have the same symptoms? maybe has been diagnosed with an underlying disorder or disease? I am concerned. I have family history of degenerative disc disorder that was provoked  by a car accident, on both sides of my family i have breast cancer, my grandmother has multiple myeloma, and breast cancer.
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I have never heard of this type of syndrome, but I definitely will look into it. Thank you for responding so quickly I really appreciate it cause I am in so much pain and It just seems like it progressed for a year and a half now because the culture of health care is screwed up and time consuming. It would be lovely to just have one doctor, but that is just not realistic. It just seems like I'm constantly being referred as a patients to another specialist and then my insurance company  gives me a hard time with everything just making the recovery process prolonged and unnecessary
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  Hi just wondering if they looked at Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome ? Since u r so young  and have so many disk and joint issues.

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