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failed cervical spinal fusion c5 c6

i had surgery 11 months ago and i am showing no signs of fusion ,what are my options if the fusion does not happen?

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in doing my own research, i can across this.  don't know if some of you might be interested or not.  
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I have had 2 cervical operations 1 at the c5-c6 where I used a donor bone out of my hip, and the 2nd where a cadiver bone was inserted with a titanium plate at the c6-c7 area now after 8 years they are saying that I have narrowing at the c5-c6 area and they can not see any signs of where the bone fusion was done . What does this mean?? What are my options? The MRI showed signs of flatening of my spinal cord. I have constany neck pain with numbness down my left arm with decreasing mobility and weakness on my left side.
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I too had ACDF surgery May 2008.  Have been having tremendous headaches and neck pain.  Went to original surgeon and he said he could not explain why, but I would have to live with it.  I went for a second opinion he finally did a CT scan, which original surgeon did not or seem to want to, which showed no bone growth.  Now I have to have a 2nd surgery Post fusion instrumental with donated bone.  Make sure you are listening to your own body and get a second opinion like I did.  They told me that this surgery will be more painful as they have to go through the back neck muscles, but I hope it helps.
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Thanks for posting.

One option is to undergo a revision decompressive surgery like laminoplasty. Revision decompressive surgery is usually done via the anterior approach, but if the stenosis is involving multiple levels posterior decompressive laminoplasty is performed.
The option of revision surgery would also depend upon the extent of your symptoms. If there is severe neurological deficit along with flattening of spinal cord, revision surgery will be the only option.
Please seek a second opinion on this with a neurosurgeon.

Take care!
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I have had 2 fusion surgeries at levels c5-7 with no success. My bones just won't grow. I have bone spurs that were pushing on my spine (new ones had popped up in other locations as well) which resulted in the fusion. The first was Mar 07 and the second was Jan 08. Right now I do not have med insurance so I am waiting to be approved for perm disability. My doctor wants to do another fusion as well as putting rods in the back of my neck for stability. I have constant neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain. I have dialy headaches on the left side of my head. I don't sleep very well.
All I can say - from what I have found on this site - stay away from smoking, take extra calcium and eat a high protein diet. Their are bone stimulators out there that have worked for a few people in our situation. Although, if it hasn't fused by now I don't no if it will. Did they harvest bone from you or use cadaver bone?
Hope this helped :)
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