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gliobastoma brain tumor and agent orange

Is there any articles/literature concerning gliobastoma brain tumor/cancer and agent orange related?
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Here's some websites I found that talk about it:

At this VA website, in the search rectangle at the top, type in "Agent Orange"

This is another VA website, on your computer keyboard hold down Control and F, a rectangle will come up at the top, type in "Agent Orange," and a bunch of articles about it will be highlighted on the page, and one post is by a vet who talks about glioblastoma

This one is a supportive website for Vets who have brain cancer and need help

There are many websites that discuss the correlation between "Agent Orange and glioblastoma," if you will put those words in your home page's search rectangle, they will come up, and you can do some reading... some say there is a correlation and some not.  Hope this helps, and thanks to you, or whomever you are asking about, for your service.  If this was in Vietnam, that is my era's war, and I feel for you.  NOBODY really knows just how rough things were for our soldiers during that time, unless they were part of the experience.  
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Thanks for your assistance.  My late husband was in Vietnam in 1967 - 1968 and of course was exposed to agent orange.  Last year (May, 2009) he was diagnosed with a glioblastoma tumor, grade 4 and a craniotomy was performed with the tumor being malignant.  VA Drs. gave him a year or less to live.  He underwent radiation therapy for 8 weeks and chemo for 6 months.  In March of this year, he passed away.  VA is giving me the run around about giving me the $2,000 death benefit he is entitled to because some VA Dr. listed on the death certificate that the primary cause of death was from gliobastoma multiforme.  He was also receiving compensation for agent orange related diabetes and stomach ulcers, but this was listed as a contributory cause.  I been sent a stack of papers to fill out asking me to show that the brain cancer was Agent orange related.
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Dear Shoe,
God bless you, hon.  My husband is a Vietnam Vet, active duty about when your husband was.  Ohhhh, I'm SO annoyed to hear the VA is being so picky about the death benefit.  Gee whiz.  I hope the websites I directed you to gave you enuff info.  If filling out all those papers becomes a pain or you need further assistance, you could contact a VA attorney to assist you, perhaps, or there may be a "free" legal clinic in your area, too, and I know that even tho they may not have military connections per se, they would likely be glad to help you at no charge.  Also, since your husband was exposed to Agent Orange, any papers that have that on there could be attached to your "homework."  I had to fill out papers for disability from a car accident when I felt my worst, and I swear it took me months to get just a half-dozen papers and a few Xeroxes done, but I just kept chipping away.  So, I know where you're at.  All the best, and I hope you are managing well enough under the circumstances.  And I know you are proud of your husband, I feel that way about mine.
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I meant to add to when I said you could attach papers that have AO on it, attach a COPY and CIRCLE where it has AO.  And I hope you caught my error in my original post, the only website I hand-typed, I had put www.Wa instead of www.Va ... I had assumed you'd figure it out, but just in case others read this and need that corrected address.
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My husband was in the 101st Airborne, was exposed to Agent orange in the late 60's ('68-'69). Died of a Glioblastoma 9 years ago and I've been told by the VA that had nothing to do with Agent Orange. I'm from the Detroit Metro area and would like a connection to an Agent Orange Advocate, if you have one.
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Vicki, Sorry, but I do not know any advocates or attorneys concerning AO and its relationship to brain cancer.  However, the websites and general directions I gave to the lady a couple years ago should lead you to the help you seek.  I am good at looking things up, and since I have a personal interest in Vietnam Vets, I decided to help this woman out.  I used to work on newspapers and tried to cover Vietnam War issues, we have a VA in our town, and am still hoping to publish a story about Vietnam in a book of short stories.  But as for direct connections to Agent Orange, I have none, my husband was not exposed.  But I am sure if you will perhaps follow up on some of the websites and directives I gave before, you will find your way through the mountains of information out there and locate an advocate for yourself, for whatever your needs might be as relates to your husband's untimely death.  GG
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