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headache, memory loss, concentration problems, fatigue, dizziness

Hi guys, My name is Benson and i am a Kenyan. In 2010, my health took a turn for the worse when i experienced many symptoms. Some of the symptoms i experienced included memory loss, headaches(that are always there), concentration problems, fatigue, slurred speech and many other symptoms including personality changes. I also experience a brain fog at times which makes it almost impossible for me to think. I then decide to stay silent not to embarrass myself. I went to a doctor but he did not find a diagnosis for me. For some time, my health improved but was not solved in any way. I then decided to go for a CT scan where nothing meaningful was found. The doctor put me on medication that was effective for a short time and then seemed like it did not work anymore. In summation, i can state that my life has hit a snag since i don't even believe that i am the same guy again. I used to be strong, energetic and bright. I am in my final year at law school but i cannot even concentrate for my exams. I am also experiencing suicidal thoughts. Anyone tell me what i am suffering from.
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It could be Autoimmune Encephalitis.

which practically means that there might be some "turmoil" within your Immune System. This can disturb your brain function.

I haven't really read it anywhere, but I guess it can go on even for years. Also I have been having similar symptoms and it all started with an infection, most likely viral, in 2010.

Medicine is a lot behind on this type of issues and only in recent years they have made some progresses thanks to the new technique of detection of Antibodies.

What was the medication that the doctor gave that you said it was effective for a short while?
Were there signs of Sinusitis in the CT scan?

"Autoimmune Encephalitis may be triggered by infection in which case the term "Post-infectious Encephalitis" is used. ADEM( Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis ) is a Post-infectious Encephalitis. The illness usually follows in the wake of a mild viral infection (such as those that cause rashes in childhood) or immunisations. Typically there is a delay of days to two to three weeks between the triggering infection and development of the encephalitis.

It has recently been recognised that there are other types of Autoimmune Encephalitis resulting from an attack of the brain by the body's immune system. Some of these types of autoimmune encephalitis are identified by finding a specific antibody in blood. These conditions include Potassium channel complex antibody associated encephalitis, NMDAR and Hashimoto's encephalitis."

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Your insight is totally appreciated. I am only saddened to learn that you are suffering from similar symptoms. I won't like anyone else to suffer like me. In fact, i have always thought that i would trade my life if that is what it would take to cure all those who are suffering from similar symptoms in the world. I somehow relate to your post. i took a blood test sometimes last year and the lab technician said that my immunity level was slightly raised. But the doctor did not pay attention to it. The doctor gave me medicine to treat the nerves and memory loss. However, to sum it all up, the medicine did not work. The neurologist said that the ct scan was normal despite a small clot that he said probably developed when i was a child. He said the clot is not capable of causing anything. I am 25 years of age and that is why i am concerned. I also experience some rashes on my body that my friends thinks are abnormal. This usually happens when i am just from a swimming pool. My body also appears to develop some scales especially in the legs.
I highly appreciate your concern. I will follow them up with the neurologist. I wish you all the best. Hope you get well.
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same to you, thank you!
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Sorry for bothering you once again. Is it necessary for me to request for an MRI of the brain or the ct scan i took was sufficient?
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the CT scan should be sufficient for now.

MRI is normally more indicated to study nerve conduction and lesions in Autoimmune diseases or infections of the CSF but
judging from your symptoms and the CT scan, there is really no reason to believe that anything will show up on a MRI.

a Neurologist will know if the MRI is necessary or not.
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Most welcome
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it could be sleep apnea you should get a sleep study
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Thanks for the insight. I realize that i have a feeling of shortness of breath. It might be relevant. I was also thinking of the lyme disease but i have learnt that its not prevalent in my country. Only to people have been diagnosed with it. I don't know whether i can be the third one.
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do you wake up with fog, heart racing and headaches?  it could be sleep apnea
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hi. iam besim. iam 17 turning 18. and  iam scared and worried. last week ive been having memory problems. i forget things. e.g. i put the water to boil. and i go to my room go on laptop .then 30 min later i rember bout it. or i put a screw on the table. and forget after 2 min where i put it. and ive been having neck pains when i wake up. and somtimes during the day. iam tired usally during the day and dizzy. i wake up at 6.00 every morning. go to school and ye.i get 8 hrs of sleep, ive been having headches but not serious ones just normal. but its been going on for 2 days. then normaly when i wake up i feel like iam getting one or somthing. iam scared. can somone plz tell me wats wrong. p.s iam scared to go to the doc., and iam worried what if i have a brain tum.. :( plz help
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Hello. I am sorry brother. i know it hurts to be the way you are. Loosing your mental health is the worst thing that can happen to someone. Please go to the hospital as soon as possible since it is not advisable to play games with your head. Moreover, i hope that you do not masturbate. I realized that is what was causing me myriad problems. Get to the hospital asap and have a MRI or CT scan. Please do it for me.
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hi, i realize that this this is a old post but i thought id respond. i am a healthy 25 year old experiencing similar problems. sudden headaches, dizziness, memory loss, and starting to feel not myself. anyway, ive been seeing a whole lot of doctors and had a whole lot of tests done and turns out my vitamin b12 is severely low. thats all we know right now, but that ruled out a lot of frightening alternatives. maybe you should have yours checked. it may be key in understanding what is going on.
i wish you all my best.
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I have fibromyalgia, and the symptoms are pretty much what you are describing. The neurologist should be able to diagnose you if that is what you are suffering from. There is no cure for it, but I have learnt to manage it much better by eating correctly (no wheat, gluten, sugar etc) and by strngth exercises (weights). I don't take any meds any more except magnesium, b-complex and eat lots of food with poottassium, iron etc.

Hope this info helps you, but most importantly I hope you find out what is wrong and are able to treat it :)
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