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hearing music constantly.

My friend Alex always complains of hearingcircus music in his head. The frequent ringing of DAT DAT DATTA DATTA DAT DAT DA DA over and over. His parents said he has been complaining about it since he was a child. I am going to write a paper on this condition, perhaps you could give me diagnosis or description of what it could be. Weird symtoms though.
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Musical Hallucinations in Patients with Lyme Disease.
Southern Medical Journal. 96(7):711-715, July 2003.
Stricker, Raphael B. MD; Winger, Edward E. MD

Musical hallucinations are poorly understood auditory hallucinations that occur in patients with otologic or neurologic diseases.
We report the first cases of musical hallucinations in two patients with neurologic Lyme disease.

Both subjects were women with clinical and laboratory evidence of chronic Lyme disease, progressive neurologic dysfunction, and abnormal magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.
There was no evidence of hearing loss in either case.
Musical hallucinations had a sudden onset and took the form of patriotic or operatic music.

The auditory hallucinations disappeared with intravenous (IV) antibiotic therapy in both patients, but the hallucinations recurred when IV antibiotic therapy was discontinued in one case.
Response to therapy was accompanied by an increase in the CD57 lymphocyte subset in one patient, whereas recurrent hallucinations were associated with persistently low CD57 levels in the other case.

We conclude that musical hallucinations may be associated with neurologic Lyme disease.
These auditory hallucinations appear to respond to IV antibiotic therapy.
Patients with musical hallucinations of unknown cause should be tested for infection with the Lyme disease spirochete.

(C) 2003 Southern Medical Association
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When i take tests, quizzes and do other school assignments when i feel rushed there is a thumping that gets quicker and quicker in my head as i get more stressed which i feel like rushes me to get these things done quicker. Its so distracting that half the time i end of failing whatever i was doing and become so paranoid about it that i forget things i spent weeks studying. Please let me know what you think it may be.
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