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hemangioma in C7 & multiple tiny scattered foci of T2/FLAIR hyperintense signal


I am a 35 yr old female 135 lbs, and I have been having medical issues for the past 15 years but only recently (late last year) have doctors actually stopped to pay attention. I workout and eat healthy and I have had elevated liver enzymes since 2012 (ast&alt 90', 100s, 300s and fluctuates). (No Liver Biopsy done as of yet as sonograms always come out normal)  I have changed my diet and tried eliminating foods to see if that was the cause but yet enzymes are still elevated.  They also found a multi nodular goiter. Among my issues have been shaky hands, and my body jerking vigorous when I'm relaxed. I have had a few occasions where I would be speaking to family or friend and forget who they are, who I am, and where I was, but only for a few seconds.  I have been finding it very difficult to stay on task, forget things while I'm talking (I'll be having a conversation and completely forget what the conversation was about and what I was saying and going to say) Recently the my left arm has become weak that now i'm unable to I struggle to workout because I do not have the strength or stamina. I had a MRI done that indicated:

1The ventricles, sulci and cisterns are normal in caliber without
There are multiple tiny scattered foci of T2/FLAIR hyperintense signal in
subcortical white matter of the frontoparietal lobes. No abnormal T1 or
T2 signal of the basal ganglia.
There is no abnormal enhancement in the brain parenchyma or extra-axial
spaces. Specifically, there is no intraparenchymal mass, mass effect or
midline shift.
There are no extra-axial fluid co

Diffusion weighted images demonstrate no evidence of acute infarction.
The intracranial flow voids are intact. The craniocervical junction is
The paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are well aerated bilaterally.
Orbital structures are unremarkable.
1. No evidence of intracranial mass, hemorrhage, fluid collection or
2. No abnormal T1 or T2 signal in the basal ganglia to suggest
3. Multiple tiny scattered foci of hyperintense signal within
subcortical white matter of the frontoparietal lobes are nonspecific and
may reflect residua of prior inflammation/infection or migraine-related.

The Neurologist first said everything was normal but after I had to go back because the left side of my face was somewhat dropping he went back to review the MRI results again and said he wanted to do a spinal tap. He did a spinal tap that resulted in a post lumbar puncture headache for almost 3 weeks. I had a blood patch done but they were only able to put 6cc because my leg went numb and I felt pain. It didn't take instantly as I had it done a week after the initial puncture. The only thing that came up from the spinal tab was:

Neuron Specific Enolase, CSF low <1.0
RBC, CSF 121

I thereafter had a MRI of the Cervical Spine done in case there was something pinching the nerves in my neck and causing the numbness in my arm.  My Neurologist left me a voicemail saying there were no abnormalities and that everything was fine. Yesterday I received a copy of the results....they don't look normal to me. The results indicated the following:

The C-spine is in normal alignment. The vertebral bodies are of normal
height and contour. The inter vertebral disc spaces are well-maintained.

There is a hemangioma of the C7 vertebral body.

The cord is of normal size, signal and contour. There is no pathologic
intrathecal enhancement.

There are mild disc bulges at C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7.

There is no significant neuroforaminal narrowing.

Mild multile
vel degenerative changes.

No evidence of cord lesions.

I've never had an accident or head trauma or anything. I'm tired of being sick. I'm tired of always having one issue or another.  I take a proactive approach to my health but feel like I'm in a hamster wheel....getting nowhere. Can anyone give some direction or who to see or what I can do? Please help.
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Thank you for your prayers.. It is greatly appreciated. Yes, I've seen my primary who has sent me to the endocrinologist, gastrointestinal, neurologist but they all say the same thing.... You don't look sick...but you are really sick. I started really taking care of myself after the elevated liver enzymes started.I'm going back to my primary next week for my annual and to go over everything with her. I pray that God would lead me to those that will reveal where going on so that healing can begin.
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Wow you have tried to really take care of yourself. Then you get all the weird symptoms and illneses.  Sounds like the Neurologist has done a what he knows to do.  Have you tried a General Practices or Family Doctor.  They make look at all your tests from a different perspective and see something.  They would be looking at all of you and not concentrating on just one area.  Please keep me updated.  Praying for ya.
All us grace
just cheryl
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