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i have to knock myself out cause the jolts in my head are unbearable

hi. i am asking this question for my dad , he gets horrid jolts in his head, i've seen him take a large glass vase and knock himself out its so painful. hes been getting these for 20 yrs+. when he was youngerin his 20's (hes 48 now) his doctor would prescribe him ephidrine the pills that give you energy and that was and has been  the only thing that keeps these jolts away  when he can't get a box or two he gets these jolts and is in bed for days . he described them as  a railroad spike being hammered into his head. he doesn't know what causes it he thinks it could be a anurism in his head or maybe a tumor . but why would pure ephidrine pills stop the jolts ?? and what could be causing this horrible pain?
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I feel like that with my migraines, but it could be anything! Is he seeing a doctor about this? He would need a good physical work up by his primary doctor with a possible referal to a specialist to help identify the cause. Medicine has come a long way in the last 20 years, he really should talk to a doctor about this.
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How good it is to come across someone who I assume has the same jolts as I do, I was asked by my professor of cognitive and behavioural neurology if the jolts I have gave me electric shocks when they occurred, no they do not, it is either a sudden extreme jolt which can knock me to the floor or have a waver of fine jolts going across my head, I have had them for many years and they are only being investigated now as I have been diagnosed with Tourettes.
I was actually diagnosed as having temporal lobe epilepsy about twenty years ago and still on medication for it despite the fact the professor believes I no longer have it, I also suffer from blurred triple vision which lasts minutes to hours at a time, hallucinations of various kinds, disorientation even when I am sitting still in my chair and short term memory
I have had all the scans which came back as being normal until only a few months back when I had a spect scan for the first time which is nuclear based and they picked up reduced activity in the parietal and temporal lobes and at the same time the expert who looked at the scans did not want to commit himself to a firm conclusion, so now i am waiting for a more in depth nuclear pet scan at another hospital and hope to get a positive diagnosis    

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