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inner ear and neurological problems

I have had inner ear problems (pressure, fullness, ringing, some pain,...) for months that I believe it started from a bout with the flu..  The ear problems have now seemed to effect my neorological system.  I feel in a state of constant nervousness and am unable to control it .  When I lie down on either side of my head, it seems
to get worse.  My question is, can inner ear problems effect one's nervous system in such a way & how can it be treated?
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i dont know if it has to do with the nervous system but i suffer the same problems plus dizzines and vertigo ..i went to an ENT specialist..he says i have meniers syndrome and and i might loose my hearing as time go by....i know it bothers you alot so i recomend for u to see an ENT who can send you to do some test ..maybe its just a small infection.hope you feel much better ...
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I am at my wits end wit ENTs I told them about ear pain unbalanced and dizziness they did a hearing test he basically sent me out the door...so I am seeing another one on friday! he is supposed to be one of the best in phoenix I really hope he will have some answers for me!
I have been suffering the same thing.  Ive had mri's done on my brain, inner ears and been to the ent.  When i drive wearing ear plugs helps. The doctors are starting to look at me like im crazy or faking cause they cant find anything wrong. Its driving me nuts.
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This other one wants to send me to a neurologist ugh! like help me out dude...they should do some balance testing treat me for inner ear infection...
I do the same thing. I do have ETD which my ent says causes the strange head sensations I often get. Anxiousness, yes..it's like if I get angry at all my head feels all nuzzy. I feel lightheaded often and seems every few months I get debilitating dizzy spells. That keep ya unable to get up out of bed for days. In between the buzzed feeling. At nights it's like waves washing through my brain. Any of this familiar? I'm just trying to cope day by day and praying the dizzy spells are held at bay. Let me know if and what they find out at yr neuro appt if u will..
The buzz sensation feels lie ya leaning against a fridge raton and it's buzzing thru yr body. I also get eye aches occassionally as well..
Sorry but keep 4gettin other symptoms,  I also have the Tinnitis as well..ringing of ears..24/7
Better after takin CoQ10. Hope it continues...
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