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nerves swollen in the eyes

Doctor tested my eyes and said that nerves in my eyes become swollen. Is this symptoms for brain tumour?
Is there anyway to recover from this?
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Hi.It sounds like you have Papillodema,it means the optic nerves are swollen.You need to find out what is causing this. Paps cause, distorted vision, blurryness,pain but some people have no symptoms.You need to see a Ophthalmologist who is able to do all the testing and knows how to proceed.Dont worry, it doenst mean a brain tumor.I have IIH/PTC and that is why I have them. Too much intracranial fluid is bathing the optic nerves and causing the swelling.And yes, it can get better, with the correct help. Good luck,Cath278.
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Hi Cath..

            Thank you so much For your reply.Now i felt more comfortable.Today i am going to consult doctor again.He asked me to take OCT test.  
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The causes of nerve swelling in the eyes are Optic Neuritis and Papilledema. Optic neuritis refers to the swelling or inflammation of the optic nerve. Certain nutrients such as Fish Oil, MSM Eyedrops, Serraflazyme and other nutrients may help recovery from Optic Neuritis. Most people recover normal vision without any treatment of optic neuritis. Some people may have significant vision loss, and treatment with high doses of corticosteroids given intravenously may hasten visual recovery. Papilledema is the swelling of the optic nerve as it enters the back of the eye. Important causes of increased pressure from cerebral spinal fluid and papilledema are brain tumors and brain infections, eg. brain abscess, meningitis or encephalitis. A significant proportion of people who are diagnosed with brain tumors have some evidence of papilledema. A pressure increase resulting from bleeding or from very high blood pressure also can cause papilledema. Please go for an MRI of the brain and consult an ophthalmologist and neurologist to know the cause of the symptoms and take treatment thereafter. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
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Hi esavi.Glad to help.If you have any more questions you need help with,send them on to me and i will do my best to answer.Hope all goes well with your dr.vist.Cath278.
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Can swollen nerves be caused by being pregant? My daughter is 21 & pregant & just found out yesterday that her nerves in her eye are swollen. She goes tomorrow to another eye doctor. I worried sick. She has complained of headache and eye strain
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