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pain in hip,leg,now back

my child had an operation to put a pin in her hip 7 years ago but for the past 3 years shes had pain in her hip where she had the operation n down her leg,they started treating her for maralgia parathesia,with injections the first one worked for a year, the last 3 as not, but for the past 2 years shes been getting back pain as well,and on and off she as trouble passing water,and her bowels, shes been in bed since febuary as when she walks about the pain is worse,also when she sits it hurts her leg and her back,any ideas
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Hello dear and welcome to the medhelp forum. This persisting pain in the leg following pin insertion in hip could be meralgia paresthetica due to compression or entrapment of lateral femoral cutaneous nerve due to the pin or the scar tissue. Check X rays hip joint are needed to compare with the preoperative and other post operative ones. Symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain thigh and buttocks can be justified but these new symptoms of severe back pain limiting movement and bladder and bowel disturbance warrant immediate neurologist’s attention. MRI spine to check for any causes for spinal canal stenosis causing cauda equina symptoms is needed. Wishing you all the best.
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Thank you for the responce as this is what she was diagnoised with, and the treatment that she was given for the meralgia as not worked for the past 3 years, the first injection did it lasted a year,then since 2010 she as had the new symptoms,IT as took me this long to try to explain to the doctors that it is not just her hip causing the problems,so after alot of dilbaration,she as finally been transfared back to ALDER HEY , For further investigation, thanx for your help
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