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please help - Adhesive Arachnoiditis MRI w/contrast

My last MRI (with contrast) led the radiologist to diagnose me with arachnoiditis (adhesive arachnoiditis). My MRI shows the nerves clumping within the thecal sac. I have had 2 previous srgeries on the L5/S1 and it is currently herniated for a third time. I have excessive scarring (per radiologist) all over that area (looks like discitis - but doctor does not think it's an active infection) Epidural Fibrosis (S1 nerve encased in scar tissue), other problems seen on the MRI, too. However, the doctor told me everyone has arachnoiditis after surgery and tells me I need a fusion. I have constant lower back pain, leg pain, sharp electrical pain, tingling and buzzing feelings and often it feels like bugs are on me. Is it true everyone gets arachnoiditis from surgery? Is fusion going to help the pain? I need a plan but don't know what to do...

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Just hoped I could bump up my post. I will post my lumbar MRI findings if this will help any doctor who kindly reponds.

L5-S1: Extensive post- operative changes with degenerative endplate changes. There is a 5-6 mm broad based subligamentous disc protrusion, which does not touch or efface any of the exsisting nerve roots. There is exstensive granulation tissue, particularly on the left, which is surrounding the left S1 nerve root.

L2-3: 5 mm left posterolateral disc protrusiion, which appears to be mildly effacing the left L2 nerve root just outside the left intervertebral foramen.

L3-4: 4-5 mm left posterolateral disc protrusion, which appears to just touch the left L3 nerve root.

L4-5: 3-4 mm disc protrusion with small annular tear.

The nerve roots from the L4-5 inferiorly appear to be somewhat matted up against the thecal sac. This is suggestive of arachnoid scarring.

Post-operative changes L4-5

Pain symptoms: I have pain in both legs (right side seems worse than left - both legs have pain in the side of thigh and back of leg sciatica). lower back has deep awful pain of an ache all the time, sometimes have electric type shock in my lower back and down legs. This pain is a 12 on the pain scale but lasts for only seconds. Also have burning pain in back and legs and twitching in my left leg. Sometimes it also feels like there are bugs on my legg or water dripping on them but there is nothing there. I also have tingling in legs and feet. The good news is that all of those symptoms do not occur at the same time... although I hurt all the time, they vary from moment to moment, day to day.... they seem to come and go but never go away completely.

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Hi there. Arachnoiditis is a pain disorder caused by inflammation of arachnoid mater. This membrane can become inflamed because of irritation from chemicals, infection from bacteria or viruses, direct injury to the spine, chronic compression of spinal nerves or complications from spinal surgery or other invasive spinal procedures. This inflammation can lead to formation of scar tissue and adhesions causing the nerves to stick together. Arachnoiditis is a difficult condition to treat and long-term outcomes are unpredictable. Focus on pain relief and improvement of symptoms impairing daily function includes a pain management regimen, physiotherapy, exercise, psychotherapy etc. surgical intervention is controversial since outcomes are poor and provide short-term relief. Clinical trials of steroid injections and electrical stimulation are needed to prove their efficacy. Hope this helps. Take care.

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Please seek another doctors opnion! A fussion will not hold.....I have arachnoiditis,......which used to be called Failed back surgery syndrome ( because a lot of people can get it after back surgery, but not all). Mine is from a fall, but trust me I know the pain! Please find a doctor to talk to you about a spinal cord stimulator.......please no more back surgeries!

GL hun
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