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pseudotumor cerebri and periodic catatonia

I'm a 34 y/o female who has ptc and have had many 6-7 episodes of periodic catatonia with in the last year. It is a very scary thing when you feel great and the next thing you know its about 5 hours later your in the hospital and you cannot move your body at all or speak the only thing you can move is your eyeballs back and forth and you don't remember anything at all. My Dr's keep telling that it caused by stress and I'm not stressed I am very concerned about this and yet very confused as well . I have all the test MRI,EEG,Cat Scans and they are normal have anyone ever heeard of this efore and if so can you please give me some insight on what you think I should do??????????
OH, I am also on Diamox 1000mg daily, I also have hypothyroidism, High cholesterol, asthma. Ihave constant headaches that are helped with the diamox, I am tired all the time Iactually feel like on some days that I hav'nt slept in weeks. I also have a sensitivity to light even on cloudy days. HELP!!!!
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Hi there!

I understand your concern since it is really not a good feeling to wake up in an emergency room not knowing what actually happened.  From what you are taking, I can tell that your doctors may be indeed treating you as pseudotumor cerebri.  This disease can have several manifestations and may include your catatonic spells.  You also have hypothyroidism and is taking Diamox daily.  This makes you prone to a condition called "alkalosis" and other electrolyte problems that can present with weakness and stiffening of the extremities.  

I suggest you inform all your doctors regarding this so that they can adjust your medications and work up your electrolyte levels.  This kind of condition really requires a good physician-patient relationship and unfortunately there may be no quick instant solutions.

Hope this helps.  Good day and God bless...
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Thank you for the insight. So you believe that these catatonic spells can be caused from the ptc? My Dr. does not nor does my neurologist. I feel like I should get a second opinion  Do you have any suggestions on a new DR. or Neurologist I don't care where I have to go at this point I feel like I'm not getting the answers that i'm requesting or needing. I have a Dr. in Cin. OH. named DR. Charles Gleuck who specializes in this area have you heard of him before? Thanks again
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