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safety of ct scans

Eight weeks ago I got a weird head sensation - first came electrical sounds like the crackling of a faulty circuit, followed by a sensation of the inside of my head rising up towards top of head (just once), followed by brief dizziness. I don't think the whole experience lasted more than a minute. I felt okay afterwards. Two weeks later I was still wondering what had happened so I discussed with my GP who was concerned and she referred me to a neurologist. This is the only time I've ever seen a neurologist. The neurologist said he did not know what it was, though he mentioned the possibility of a seizure. He referred me for a CT Head Scan, which I'm due to have on Saturday. He said it would probably be fine but he was referring me for the scan because he liked to 'err on the side of caution'. I've now been reading all kinds of articles on the internet (written by medical professionals) and it seems a CT head scan gives a mega dose of dangerous x-rays. There are differences of opinion among medical professionals but some say even just one CT head scan is risky and should not be undergone unless absolutely necessary. I do not know if benefit outweighs risk in my case, especially as I'm worrying myself sick now as to the safety of having it. I've been fine since the head incident which was now two months ago. I'm wondering if I should cancel my scan.
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I would keep your appointment for the CT scan. Having the scan can rule out major problems that cannot be found otherwise. I have had so many CT scan's and MRI's that I lost count. One scan can only help. Try and not get yourself all worked up over the scan, you will do great.
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Thank you for your helpful comment, flipper. I appreciate it.
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I have submitted to a CT scan, when it was an emergency and the MRI was not available. however in general, all things being equal,  an MRI is preferred as having less risk. The MRI machines are rated in Tesla units a "T3" machine can do anything a CT scan can do. All x-ray radiation is dangerous, however this is a risk-benefit situation. There is no doubt that the CT scan saves many lives.
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