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vibrations on foot

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. During this time I had struggled with painful sciatica and once on a while would feel tingling sensations on my toes on my left foot. After many months the sciatica resolved itself as did the tingling sensations. Over these years sciatica would pop up if I aggravated my lower  back and  the tinging of the toes would show up here and there but never constant. Over the years I would  feel a subtle vibrating feeling on my left foot but it was not frequent. I recently had an episode where I aggravated my back and my left foot has been vibrating very frequently. It is really bothering me. It seems to have started on the sole of the feet and has shifted to the toes. My chiropractor noted to me that my left knee never jumped when she tested it with the rubber hammer mentioning that there is something neurological going on. This evening is the first evening it started to vibrate at rest. Usually it vibrates during the day when I move around too much. Does anyone have any suggestions on what this may be? Would having an MRI be a good idea? What sort of tests would be beneficial? Do you feel it has anything to do with the spondylolisthesis? And how does a person find a reliable doctor?
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   You did not mention the level of the spondylolisthesis? most likely its L5, S1 ..Right? If that is the case then the absence of your knee jerk is not related! or your chiropractor did not use any of the reinforcement maneuver to elicit it? If it’s the L4-L5 then the knee jerk could be a sign of nerve/root compression.
    You also did not mention the grade of the spondylolisthesis? How was it treated..I assume conservatively? Meaning no surgical intervention?
     The vibration could be an early irritation of the S1 root especially it came after aggravating your back...a physical examination by a neurologist is a must at this point.

    God bless
     Bob Hilton
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Thank you for responding.

I believe the level was L4 L5 but I honestly can not be sure.  The Dr told me surgery may be needed down the road but I have tried to be pro-oactive with holistic approaches in maintaining healing. I was told to do physical therapy which I did for a short while, then I practiced pilates (which embraced many of the physical therapy exercises) for 3 or so months along with Kinetic Awareness and Feldenkrais breathing techniques. Then I practiced  Bikrams Yoga for a few years and have also worked with acupuncture on and off over the years. Now I do light light yoga, no backbends and pilates to maintain strength in my abdomen.

The chiropractor asked me to cross my left knee over my right knee then used that rubber hammer. My knee did not react. This was the first over the years.
She thought I should see a foot doctor first because it might narrow down some testing with a neurologist but I had felt seeing a neurologist would be more important at this point since my knee did not respond to the knee test. I do not have insurance at the moment but will in September. Do you think waiting is a bad idea?

There have been other things over the years that have popped up, sore heals and sore knees on both sides of my body. My physician said that was a virus but time did heal this except for one knee....it has continued to ache under the knee cap. The chiropractor thinks it may be calcium deficiency. I have always been suspicious of this being related to the spondylolisthesis.

I appreciate your recommendations.

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The knee that is sore is my right one.
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