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Burning sensation on my face

I have this burning sensation on my face, and when i touch my face with my fingers, it burns even more - however my face is not when you feel it. I also experienced difficulty with my vision for about 10 mins, that i was forced to sit down as i could not focus.

What i would like to know, is if i should be concerned about this.
Just to fill you in on my medical history..sometime back i lost feeling to the one side of my face, and they questioned if i had a stroke, so sent me for a brain scan, where they picked up two lesions on my brain. The neuroligist said that if i had three lesions, i would be diagnosed with multiple schlerosis(still not sure what that is), but as i only had two, i was ok.

I don't know if what i am experiencing now could be related. I am only 34 years old now, and when they questioned me having a stroke back then i was only 26 years old.

Would love some advice on this strange experience i am having, or is it nothing to worry about?

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Dear Shantal, i would like to tell you dont worry.
But dear the most probable diagnosis of what you are describing is MS not stroke. Anyways this is not catastrophic, keep on canceling all big stress-events from your life, no known etiology of this disease, if probable cause is a viral infection causing demyelinisation, you should keep your immunity  high. Sleep well and eat well and  do not stress for anything.
We are doing a cure now through stem cell autotransplantation
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