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L4-L5 central stenosis with leg pain

For three years I've experienced severe pain that begins in lower back.  I have bulging discs at L4-L5 and L5-S1 causing mild central canal stenosis.  Also, I have 2 schmorals nodes in the upper lumbar region.  The disc between L4-L5 also is degenerated and the ortho does not see bone growth.  While I have a "terribly shaped spine" as noted by my orthopedic; we still have NO answers.  I've been out of work for 3 years due to the constant pain.  I cannot sit for more than 10 min.  Or stand for more than 15.  I've gone to the neurologist and I do not have any nerve damage. I am inoperable.

I'm down about 30 weeks per yr.  I need assistance during the "down times".  I'm only 34.  The pain is so severe when I try to hold anything during the down times that I will drop anything that weighs even a pound because of the extreme pain in the lower back.  During these times I also cannot walk unassisted.  

I take percocet only the worst of days because I have a neighbor who is addicted to percocet and it is an ugly sight.  So, I take maybe a couple per month.

I am back in physical therapy even though directly before this down period (which has lasted 12 weeks this time) I was biking 10 miles a day and doing 30 push ups and doing ab work - not core since I didn't realize they weren't the same thing.  So, now I am in the process of building up my core.  This last week my husband was massaging my back and legs and when he went down my left leg it completely locked up and went entirely stiff on the back side.  Almost like the tendon hardened.  I'm trying to keep up my stretches though because I don't like being down and I realize that strength and loose muscles is the key although I've lost about 80% of the motion in my left leg.

But what else can I do?  What is wrong?  Why do they tell me that I am inoperable (which is great) but they cannot tell why the pain exists?  What are we all missing?  I have copies of the MRI.  

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'facet syndrome" necessitates 6 screws and 2 rods and...
2 hours surgery which are sufficient to end your pain story.
thank you for contacting Medhelp
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I had a pain in my lower back for three years, i did not know what i had because i was worry to take the MOR test, finally my my doctor find out i had stenosis L5, my family doctor send me to the pain doctor where i had three inyeccions, the first was ok, but the second i came back much worst than i was, the third was just fine for a day, then i started with more pain and i started using a cane then i had surgery five month ago, and the pain still, sometimes i still have to use my cane. At night i can not sleep and even i have to move my hips to turn around.
What do you think? I will be the rest of my llife like this, is this a damage nerve?
There is nothing helping me, only the drug medicine if i take.
Thank you
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