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Pain/Pressure in the back of my head

I have been experiencing extreme headaches in the back of my head , to the right of the spinal cord on my upper neck.  They are very sudden and very intense and short-lived. On top of that a very strange sensation occurs sometimes when i am sleeping where i wake up and that side of my head almost feels completely numb (like when you sleep on your arm) and then when i turn my head it seems to go back to normal, almost like my circulation was blocked and i just had to adjust. I have been having these symptoms for about the past 6 months but something happened to me the other day that really scared me. I was playing a game of pick-up basketball and i spun. when i did this i felt something i never felt before, in that same place in the back of my head i started to feel immense pressure and burning (i felt like an artery in my neck burst open under my skin- at least when it occurred i truly felt like thats what happened...it was that intense of a sensation). I became disoriented for about 15 seconds and struggled to maintain my balance. I sat down and the feeling went away soon after that. All these symptoms seem to be related as they are in the very same area. Any help, and enlightenment would be greatly appreciated
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do cervical x ray...you may need brain MRI, take also your blood pressure
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