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Tighten back of head

I had virtigo since 2007.Physicians have treated me for hypothyroidism  right throughout the period.
I had  imbalance and  last november i had a sudden onset and i couldnt walk without anyones help.
since then i was under treatment. My CT scan was normal. My back of the head is tightened and sometimes my forehead is shrinked because of tightened head i  walk very slowly. When head got tightned I sweat a lot
With this tightned of my head i am unable to do any work normally.when i fall in to bed i feel faintish.These symptoms come to me every now and then.I consulted Neuro surgeons.Neuro physicians.general physicians and ENT specialist but no relief for almost 9 months.Seeking for advice from you ASAP.
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My advice will not be effective unless you can tell me what diagnosis were excluded. Did you did any Brain MRI or Angio CT scan ? that would be for example on of the best things to asess the ponto-cerebellar angle.
please notify me by any news
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Also any any audiogram was done?
Are you a smoker? (if yes how long, how many)
Any concomitant memory problems?
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I have done CT Scan of the brain. Indication: Ataxia  Diagnosis: Normal CT scan of the brain. Yes,Audiogram was done. Right ear Tympanogam normal. Left ear Normal low
compliance.Normal hearing in both ears.I am not a smoker but i inhaled a lot of smoke due my surrounding is polluted by smoke. I have done a TSH two days back and the
result is 0.004 micro iu/ml. sometimes my left ear aches and i experience unstable memory problem on and off.  

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