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Unbearable left leg pain

My mother is suffering from unbearable left leg pain for more than 3 weeks now. Last week we have her admitted at ER because of the unbearable pain. She was confined in the hospital for a week and we brought her home yesterday. Her main doctor is a pulmonologist since she is an asthmatic and her pulmonologist knows her medical history. Initially they suspected that it is a DVT or deep vein thrombosis. Anti-thrombosis medications were injected and there are other medications to ease the pain. Blood work and Duplex scan on the legs were performed and she was referred to the Cardiologist. After a week and all the laboratory tests they found nothing and duplex scan shows no abnormality on the veins....Her main doctor want to refer her to a Neurologist and Rheumatologist to know the problem.. Since her hospital bill is getting bigger and the rheumatologist and neurologist on that hospital where my mother was confined is not accepting HMO card, I requested to bring my mother home and planning to look for a Neurologist and Rheumatologist to other hospitals.. As of now  I am still waiting for her complete hospitalization records and copy of laboratory results from that hospital. It will take 5 business days before they can release the complete records  and still looking for HMO accredited Neurologist and Rheumatologist..

While looking for doctors accredited of my health card and waiting for the complete records from the hospital where she was confined, I want to ask what is the possible cause of this leg pain? Since her Cadiologist cleared her for DVT what could be the cause of this pain?

Upon hospital discharge, here are the medications prescribed by her doctor:
-pregabalin (lyrica), co-amoxiclav augmentin, diclofenac Na, daflon, pantoprazole Na, and pentoxipylline for pain

Thanks and hoping for your advice
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she was misdiagnosed and undertreated by unexperienced staff causing harmfull costs and thats because of a narrow knowledge, I am always enough sad when I am listening to stories... A lumbar MRI will clarify the diagnosis in 98%.
Dr Nassim
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Thank you for the reply..another question, who will give the the referral for MRI? is it a Rheumatologist or Neurologist?

Thank you very much
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i was taking Ativan 2mg once every night for about one and half month. then my doctor change it to Citalopharm 20 mg, once a day. However on very first day,after taking only one tablet i developed tinnitus. My CT SCAN, MRI are all clear. Pl advise me what medicines should i take to cure tinnitus. Is this a reaction and curable? or have some treatment
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