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Trump Specifics

So, here is a link in which Donald Trump has said today that his 'specifics' will be coming out soon regarding what his ideas are for policies.  What has made him popular so far?  I personally have no idea because I find so many things about him troubling.  His show pony persona makes me wonder if he is not just doing this to WIN WIN WIN and has no real substance.  My husband talks about his business acumen and his unapologetic brashness.  I'm the opposite . . .  I see these things as his downfall.  He took risks with his business life and had some successes and some failures.  America can't afford any set backs or failures at this point.  And his 'honesty'?  I could not imagine that man caring for ALL Americans and trying to do right by them.  

So, what do you think of Trump?  Why the popularity in polls he's experiencing?  

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I believe the only positive thing Trump brings to the table is his business experience.  No doubt, he knows his way around the private sector.  He's managed to amass a couple of fortunes, but the private sector is not like the government sector.  

Like Obama on the campaign trail, I think Trump actually believes he can accomplish all of the pie in the sky dreams he has.  I think he thinks he can be the type of leader where everyone just jumps on board.... but he forgets about democrats who aren't going to be willing to agree with anything he wants to do, just because he isn't one of them.
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