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Anyone heard of Club Nintendo?

Has anyone here heard of or a member of Club Nintendo?
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No not me I use to get the mag in the mall every month
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Club Nintendo is a new feature that Nintendo has added to their website. The address is https://club.nintendo.com/

This is the description on their website at the above address:

Register products, answer surveys, and earn Coins!

Club Nintendo is Nintendo's way of thanking you for sharing your opinions. Here's how it works. First, you register your products. Then, earn Coins by answering surveys about the products you registered. Finally, redeem your Coins for exclusive rewards only available to Club Nintendo members! Club Nintendo members can also enter sweepstakes and sign up for email newsletters.

How do you join?

    * If you were a member of My Nintendo, just sign in with your My Nintendo login and password, and we will help you easily transfer your account to Club Nintendo.
    * If you never had a My Nintendo account, no problem! Just click on the "Join Club Nintendo Now!" button above.

Club Nintendo membership is required to register your products (including your Wii™ or Nintendo DS™ systems). However, you do not have to register your system to activate your warranty. Your system was scanned at retail and your warranty was activated at that time. When you join Club Nintendo and register your new system, you may receive the benefit of an extension to your warranty.


I am a member and I really like it, so I thought I would share it here for everyone to see. :)
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I'm a member too. I love that Nintendo now awards you for buying their products and taking a short survey about them!
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