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photosensitivity non-epileptic?

Hi, I'm currently undergoing a video eeg recording. It's my 2nd day and I have had electrical discharges/readings recorded after being exposed to flashing lights.  The monitor automatically catches, and marks seizure activities and there is also a push button device that alarms and marks seizure activity manually.  My question is how come how lights show seizure activity but it not be epileptic?  They're still monitoring me for another day for I've have seizures in my sleep as told by my family and friends.  I've seen several therapist and psychiatrists and also one psychological neurologist which all agree that my seizures are NOT psychogenic.  I've been like this for 8 months.  Can anyone explain this to me or help direct to another therapist or psychiatrist that can help me? By the way no one has tried any AED medicine and three of my cousins have epilepsy.

     Thank you all and God Bless!
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