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my cat Nemo is extremely abnormal. got him at 6 months...he wouldn't eat, only milk was starving himself...honestly tried EVERY food available at Pet Store also on grocery shelves (last resort) finally found one online that was grain free and he took to right away EVO(dry only)....so that problem was finally solved.
However he now has struvite crystals in his urine and has to eat a RX diet to disolve these crystals than prevent them from reoccurring.
I have tried everything to get him to eat, the Vet sent 3 different brands and we have tried them all, I've even crushed and sprinkled a tiny amount of his EVO on top for scent.
Honestly this cat has a mental aversion to food, he doesn't just walk away after a sniff he actually runs and hides.
I've held him and comforted him and calmed him, I have NEVER FORCED any food on him.....until today, I did force a tiny amount into his mouth three times thinking if only he would get a taste of instead of just the smell he may change his mind.....NO.....putting a little on his paw or lips he rubs off will NOT lick off!!
I am at my wits end with what to do, I don't want to loose this little fellow.
Can you also explain or tell me where to get more information on a penilaoctomy....this I understand would only solve the immediate problem of the crystals and not the reaccurance.
Does anyone have any suggestions please????
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Cats can be such stinkers.   It sounds as though your kitty wins the prize of being one of the most finiky cats around.  Evo is an excellent diet.  Even eating a diet that is considered to be urinary safe, cats can still have bladder issues.  

Struvite crystals typically form in a urine that is on the alkaline side.  If you remember back to your chemistry days in school, water has a pH of 7.  It is considered neutral.  A cat is supposed to have a urine that is on the acid side.  Diets or infections can cause the urine to become alkaline and predispose crystal formation.

Diets are often an easier way correct the pH issue and then there is your cat.  I would ask your vet what was the pH of your cats urine. Was there any evidence of an infection?  Is your cat being treated for an infection?  

What we want a cat to eat and what it will eat are not always one in the same.  Especially in your cat's situation, I would suspect that a urinary acidifer are going to be needed.  They are safe when used under a veterinarian's supervision.  Sometimes they can cause a stomach upset (imagine you drinking a lot of orange juice on an empty stomach...acid indigestion).  

I would also be sure that your cat is drinking lots of water.  Diluting the urine and stimulating his desire to urinate can keep the urine dilute and decrease the chances for the crystals to form grit or stones that can cause a urinary obstruction...this is a medical emergency.

Best of luck...
Dr. Bernadine
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Just would like to ask one more question.
the drug CYSTAID is this to acidify the urine? and is it effective to use for these crystals and what health problems can be caused by using it?
My Vet told me there are too many risks associated with acidifiers. is this true?
thanks so much.

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