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meal fillers

I have been researching that toxic levels of flouride are present in meal fillers.  We are trying out life's abundance(holistic).  Any suggestions on either subject?
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Good morning to you!

At the Veterinary News Network, we have been following a story about increased levels of fluoride in bone meal and meat by products in several national brand pet foods.  To my knowledge, they still have not released the names of the brands of pet food implicated in this study.  The report states that these 8 brands of food had fluoride levels 2.5x higher than drinking water.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to uncover any additional evidence of problems.   The study is featured on the site of the Environmental Working Group.  This group is focused on increasing organic type of farming and minimizing the agricultural "industry".  They have basically stated that 1) fluoride levels in some dog foods are high, 2) high fluoride levels has been linked to increased cases of osteosarcomas in young men adn 3) since dogs also get osteosarcomas, this is a problem for dogs.

There are several problems with their theory.  First, the type of osteosarcomas prevalent in dogs doesn't match with the type of osteosarcomas found in the study of the young men.   Second, that study used a very small sample group which may not correlate with the population at large.  Finally, at this time, we don't know the effects of excess fluoride on dogs, so making this type of leap is not necessarily sound medicine.

We are continuing to watch this story...nothing much is being said in forums dedicated to veterinarians at this time.  Also, I have personally contacted a toxicologist, a veterinary internist, a veterinary oncologist and a veterinary nutritionist and none of them have given me any evidence that this should be a concern.

The best source of information about your pet's nutrition and its affect on the pet is your veterinarian.  I don't personally know much about Life's Abundance Brand, but if your dog is doing ok on the food, eats it well and your DVM is happy with the health of your pet, you are probably fine to continue.

I hope this helps a little...good luck with your pet!

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Hello and thank you so much for your response.  Please keep me posted, thanks agaain
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