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HGE prevention

My Boston Terrier is prone to HGE and has a very sensitive stomach. Years ago I went looking for a "premium" food and put him on Nature's Recipe Lamb Meal and Rice. I chose this one because it did not contain chicken, as that seems to have been an issure for him from early on. He seems to get an upset stomach more often lately, and I found that Nature's Recipe had changed it's formula and now contains chicken. I seem to be battling his onset of diarrhea constantly, bringing him back around as quickly as possible. I have started adding a bland canned food to his regular food, which does seem to help. But still, it seems we are on this constant roller coaster trying to avoid his upset stomach. Barring a change to ultra premium food, which my income will not allow me, what other options are there? (Mickey is 10 yrs old).  
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There are some other brands of food that shouldn't cost too much without chicken.  Natural Balance has many allergy formulas, Acana has a lamb and apple formula and fish formula without chicken (cheapest here in alberta, ~$55 for a 30ib bag vs iams at $75).

Best is to go into a larger holistic pet store and ask one of the employees for a food without chicken and name your price range.  Also take a calculator and paper so you can work out the price per day of feeding because higher grade foods you will feed less so even though the bag costs more, it can actually cost less money than feeding a lower grade food.
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Thanks for those names. I'll check them out. Much appreciated!
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I'm puzzled at getting the right dog food for my Shih Tzu.  I give her canned in the morning and dry at night.  She's 16 lbs.  Everytime I read the labels it seems the food contains more unnatural ingredients than natural.  I'm just looking for a basic, reasonably priced food.  Any recommendations? Thank you.
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